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It is World Book Day on 23 April, but every day is a good time to read a book. Here is a selection of books that will delight readers of all ages.

0–5 years old

The Adventures of Paddington: My Sticky Sticker Book by Paddington TV

R105 / Jonathan Ball Publishers

Get ready for some extra messy fun with Paddington in this super-sticky sticker book based on the award-winning preschool TV series The Adventures of Paddington

Packed with fun Paddington puzzles such as spot the difference, jigsaws, sticker scenes, colouring-in, mazes and more, plus over 30 stickers to play with, this is the perfect activity book for Paddington fans.




3–5 years old

Marmalade by David Walliams

R265 / HarperCollins 

Meet Marmalade, a little panda who goes off on a big adventure when he sets off to explore the forest. He meets all sorts of animals along the way. 

This gorgeous and endearing story, written by bestselling author David Walliams, is a celebration of family love, being yourself and finding your place in the world. It is the perfect story to share with your special someone – big or little.




6–9 years old

Barney the Horse and Other Tales from the Farm by Michael Morpurgo

R265/ HarperCollins 

Full of friendship and adventure, these three uplifting stories capture the wonder, muck and magic of a city child’s week on the farm. 

Join in the daring rescue of a lost lamb, meet a boy who saves a family of swallows, and discover how Barney the horse forever changes the life of the girl who looks after him. 

This charming story collection for young readers celebrates the countryside and the way its landscape and animals can leave an indelible impression on  a child’s heart. 


8–12 years old

Eddie Albert and the Amazing Animal Gang by Paul O’Grady 

R170/ HarperCollins 

Eddie Albert can speak to animals, including his pet dog Butch, his hamster and his two-pet goldfish (who claim they were once pirates). What Eddie can’t do is fit in, until he is sent to stay with his eccentric aunt in Amsterdam. But then Eddie spots a captive orangutan being taken along the river. So begins a hilarious adventure as Eddie, his new friend Flo, Aunt Budge and a whole gang of amazing animals take on the most dastardly villain Amsterdam has ever seen, in a desperate race to save one of their own.


For mom and dad to enjoy:


Children in Mind by Jenny Perkel

R300 / Wits University Press

Research shows that certain childhood mental disorders are diagnosed more frequently today than in previous generations. Many of today’s children are more unhappy, anxious and distressed than young people used to be. Children in Mind presents a up-to-date findings related to the diagnosis and treatment of children’s mental health problems. Theoretically informed but not theoretically dense, the book cites both local and international studies to increase awareness and understanding of children’s mental health.




Unlocking your Superpowers by Candice Preston

R250 / Reach Publishers

Unlocking Your Superpowers – Keys to achieving success in school and beyond is a remarkable book, packed with wisdom to help teens and young adults lead successful lives. 

Candice Preston takes on a role as a life coach in this book and shares seven key ideas to ensure success sooner rather than later. She encourages her readers to not only read, but to do, by acting on the lessons shared.



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 For the Love of Journaling


The Reading Journal by the Otto Foundation

R200/ Imaginary House

This is a journal for your literary adventures. Join a group of furry and feathered friends for an exploration of the extraordinary world of words, stories, reading and writing. 

Plot your course through the Map of Memories. Join for a ride on the Book Boat, the Poetry Plane, and the Story Sled. Visit the Mountains of Meaning, the Gorge of Gorgeous Words, the Forest of Feelings, and the Desert of Dreams.

This interactive journal encourages joyous curiosity about the literary realm. It uses the written word to expand children’s horizons. This promotes self-knowledge and a love for reading.

Proceeds from the sale of the journal will support the library projects of the Otto Foundation.