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Wearing the right school shoe is a fundamental aspect of your child’s daily life and is essential for their comfort, concentration and general wellbeing.

Children spend a large portion of their day at school, where they are often on their feet for various activities. Choosing the right school shoe will provide your child with the necessary support and protection.

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Bata, manufacturer of the South African Toughees school shoe range, offers these tips for choosing the right school shoe:

Measure regularly and allow for growth

Children’s feet grow continually, so measure their feet regularly and invest in an appropriate size. When buying school shoes, leave a little room for growth. Aim for about a thumb’s width of space between the longest toe and the end of the shoe.

Consider arch support

Arch support is essential for the proper development of your child’s feet. Look for shoes that provide adequate arch support to promote healthy foot structure. This is particularly crucial for children with flat feet or other arch-related concerns.

Check flexibility

School shoes should offer a balance between support and flexibility. Too much rigidity can restrict natural foot movement, while excessive flexibility may lead to inadequate support. Choose shoes that allow for a comfortable range of motion.

Breathable materials

Children’s feet can sweat a lot, especially during physical activities. Select school shoes made from breathable materials to prevent excessive moisture buildup. This helps maintain foot hygiene and reduces the risk of fungal infections.

Consider school policies

Some schools may have specific guidelines regarding the type of shoes allowed. Check with the school to ensure that the chosen shoes comply with any dress code or safety requirements.

Involve your child

Let your child try on different styles and provide feedback on comfort. This not only ensures a better fit but also encourages responsibility in taking care of their belongings.

Bata Toughees has a wide range of school shoe designs crafted with expertise over 70 years. All Toughees come with a six-month warranty against fair wear and tear, and we use high-quality leather.

Win with Bata

Toughees are ‘Made Tough’. Bata is offering learners of all ages and parents to win a share of R200 000 in school fees. The cash will be paid directly to the winners’ schools in full settlement of, or as a portion of, their fees for the 2024 academic year.

How to enter
  1. Purchase a pair of Bata Toughees school shoes.
  2. Upload your till slip/ proof of purchase with name, surname and email address (if applicable) to either via WhatsApp on +27 87 250 0811, or by entering on the website at during the competition period.
  3. The winners selected will win 1 of 10 school fees prizes, which entails up to the value of R20,000.00 (Twenty Thousand Rand) each, to be paid directly to the nominated school, and not to any individual.
  4. The competition runs till 15 February 2024.