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Gardens are wonderful spaces for the whole family.  Here are some ways to connect with nature and share in the joy of growing plants, flowers and even food.

1. Make a mask

Click here to download a fox mask, print it on A4 white paper, cut out the creature and attach elastic to create the mask.

2. Make flower crowns together

It’s really easy to make crowns with fresh flowers and greenery from your garden. Help your children with the tools they will need: secateurs, florist’s wire, and rope. Create small posies by tying bunches of blooms together with wire. Attach the posies to the rope by facing stems in the same direction, overlapping as you go. Leave the ends of the rope clear for an easily adjustable crown size.

3. Taste test

Herbs and leaves can be tasted and used in recipes for your Garden Day celebration. Experiment and explore the many unique and delicious flavours in your garden by getting everyone to select one edible root, stem, leaf, a flower, fruit or seed for your meal.

4. Draw an insect

Encourage children to draw an insect, bird or animal before it scampers off.

5. Make a wormery

Layer a see-through glass container with soil and sand, add leaves for food, then find worms in your garden and place them in their temporary home. Watch them tunnel into the ground, and then release them back into your garden.

6. Plant some seeds

Give each child a small area of your garden where they can grow their own plants. Garden Day was proudly created by Candide, a gardening app that connects gardeners with fellow plant lovers. You can dig into Candide’s knowledge base of plants, plant identification, and growing tips when deciding on which plants to grow. Candide is free for download in the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. This is a great way to learn that gardens are wonderful spaces.

7. Garden scavenger hunt

Give children a list of objects in your garden, and a prize for the first child to find everything.

8. Build a den

Use branches and leaves to build a hideaway to observe nature in your backyard. Who knows what animal will pop past?

9. Go stargazing

View the heavens in your garden on a clear night, and hopefully spot a planet or wish on a shooting star.

For more ways to get your children interested in gardening

10. Bird watching

Watch birds fly, sing, chat and eat in your garden. Just be sure not to frighten or startle them.

11. Create twig frames

Look around your garden for twigs, seed pods and flowers to create your own wood frame.

12. Make seed bombs

Let your children make mud, then help them add seeds and shape into balls. Place these on a tray and leave them in the sun to harden before planting these seed bombs in your garden.

Garden Day SA is celebrated on 15 October this year.

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