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Books to gift Dad this Father’s Day.

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and if you haven’t yet bought Dad a gift, why not pop down to your local bookstore and pick up one of our selected reads.

There’s something for everyone – the dad who seeks the thrill of secrets, lies, dangerous conspiracies and murder, the dad whose job it is to braai during load shedding, another for the more discerning wanna-be at-home chef, and a fabulous guide to animal tracking for dads who love the great outdoors and animals.

To sweeten the deal, we’ve selected a companion read to the tracking manual, especially for the children so they can share in the excitement of the hunt! And lastly, a beautiful book affirming love for dad that can be read over and over again with the littlest family member, creating special memories and quality moments.

The thriller

Think Twice

Think Twice, Harlan Coben

(Penguin Random House, R380)

Myron Bolitar is on the investigative trail again, but this time the sports and celebrity agent and former basketball star and his business partner and friend, Win, are looking for a former client they thought was dead, but the FBI claims is linked to a double homicide. Soon Myron and Win are entangled in mystery, conspiracy and a complex web of secrets, further complicated by uncovering several more murders. The story moves at a blistering pace with plenty of twists and turns, red herrings and a host of characters. Finally, there’s a skillfully crafted unexpected ending that neatly ties up the loose ends.

Dad to the rescue

 Blackouts & Boerwors, Karl Tessendorf and Greg Gilowy

(Penguin Random House, R240)

When load shedding strikes, who you gonna call? Armed with this book, packed with 40 bright braai recipes, and some planning, it’s dad to the rescue! After all, as the authors say, “every blackout is a fire begging to be lit, a juicy chop ready to be turned, and a family braai just waiting to happen”.  There are some great killer sauce recipes, some stock-standard braai favourites with a twist, and everything from seafood and veggie burgers to sweets. Did you know you can make sticky toffee pudding and panna cotta on the braai?

For the wanna-be chef (moms will love this one)

Sifo The Cooking Husband, Sinoyolo Sifo

(Penguin Random House, R235)

The author is a husband who cooks! He’s all about breaking gender stereotypes and the notion that the kitchen is the domain of women only. Through the recipes in this book, this self-made cook, recipe developer and food content creator invites readers to make memories through food. With these simple, healthy and delicious recipes, Sifo serves up breakfasts (some classic, some South African favourites), hearty lunches, tasty and filling dinners, side dishes and baked goods and desserts. And, there are also some traditional recipes celebrating South Africa’s diverse cultural heritage.


For the adventurous dad

Tracker Manual – a practical guide to animal tracking in Southern Africa, Alex van den Heever, Renias Mhlongo, Karel Benadie, Ian Thomas

(Penguin Random House, R450)

A detailed and richly illustrated guide to Southern Africa’s most common animal tracks and signs. With all-new spoor drawings, some 200 new photographs and an extra 35 species, this fully revised and updated edition of the ever-popular Tracker Manual is packed with the latest on the art of tracking.  Tracker Manual guides the reader on identifying the spoor of some 190 animal species. The instructive introduction describes the science of tracking and what to look for in the field, and there’s a quick-reference table for tracks that are easily confused.

For dad’s adventure buddies

My first book of Southern African Animal Tracks, Chris and Mathilde Stuart

(Struik Nature, an imprint of Penguin Random House South Africa, R140)

This delightful book introduces 55 different creatures and the footprints they leave behind – the animals and birds you are likely to find in our nature reserves, game parks or gardens. It features life-sized track ‘imprints’ and a full-colour illustration of the animal, plus a visual size comparison with a human body, arm or hand. The descriptions of each animal and its prints are in four languages. The perfect guide for little explorers, this book will keep children happily absorbed for hours.


For dad and child read-together time

Bluey My Dad is Awesome

(Penguin Random House, R185)

Bluey and Bingo know their dad is the best – and they want to tell you what makes their dad, Bandit, so awesome. They tell of the many qualities that make him so special, from making up funny games and pretending to be an out-of-control robot or a wild peacock to taking them on adventures. This hilarious and heartwarming board book is the perfect gift to celebrate how much you love your dad on Father’s Day.


Thanks to Penguin Random House for the review copies.