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Child magazine reviews four books from Penguin Random House that will inspire and delight young readers. Introduce them to undiscovered worlds filled with magic and intrigue so that they read to explore. 


The Worst Restaurant in the Universe

By Jaco Jacobs and Dale Blankenaar (Penguin Random House, R195)


Find out what happens when you get stuck to the prettiest girl in school with monster glue and meet the boy who ate Arnold Schwarzenegger’s popcorn in this collection of hilarious short stories. Each of the 10 tales will have young readers guffawing and laughing out loud at the characters’ antics. 


Mary Anning’s Grewsome Beasts

By Deshan Tennekoon and Linki Brand (Penguin Random House, R145)


Explore the science of palaeontology in this engaging true story about a scientist named Mary Anning. She found and studied fossils, some of which had never been seen before. This visual biography provides a fascinating insight in the life and history of this inspirational scientist. 


The Singing Turtle and Other Folk – and Fairy Tales

Retold by Dianne Stewart (Penguin Random House, R140)

Heidi-Kate Greeff has illustrated this collection of folk and fairy tales beautifully. Each story is an adventure of its own: find out how the turtle took to the skies in a tale from the West Indies, or why the animals were afraid of the proud elephant in The Elephant and the Jackal, from India. 


Flap! Rattle! Stomp!

By Irene Berman (Penguin Random House, R220)


Gloria sounds an urgent alarm one hot South African day… is how this beautiful illustrated collection of South African stories begins. Gloria the guineafowl is one of three animals facing a challenge in this delightful book filled with rhyme and humour. Each story has a message. As owl says: “When your temper starts rising, do something surprising: try using your words to talk.” 


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