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What may seem like just humble child’s play is, in fact, something more powerful and meaningful.

Behind every moment of play, something deeper and powerful is happening – the development of vital life and motor skills.

Building things has many benefits, especially the development of cognitive skills. Giving a child LEGO® DUPLO® bricks to play with not only provides them with hours of endless fun, but also develops emotional and interpersonal skills such as patience, confidence and problem-solving. Big bricks take some trial and error to master – that’s a big start in teaching children to never give up.

Developing imagination and fine motor skills

From an early age, children learn life and other skills through play. When children engage in imaginary or fantasy play they’re practising the social, emotional and intellectual skills that will prepare them for the future.

Playing with LEGO DUPLO inspires and supports a child’s imagination, curiosity, and courage – one little step – and one big brick – at a time. Designed for children aged 18 months and above, LEGO DUPLO is designed for tiny hands and helps develop fine motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination. Brightly coloured DUPLO bricks can also help children develop language skills and their vocabulary if mom and dad help identify the colours and teach the words.

Encouraging exploration and expanding knowledge

And, with the newest range of LEGO DUPLO – Wild Animals – children will have the opportunity to explore the animal kingdom and learn about different animals and their habitats, adding to their knowledge base.

LEGO DUPLO Wild Animals playsets provide children with endless play-and-learn opportunities.


Wild Animals of Africa (10971)

Containing a cute baby elephant, a baby giraffe, and a diorama play mat, as well as environmental elements such as a rock, a waterfall, flowers, and a Baobab tree, this set will encourage creative role play.



Wild Animals of the Ocean (10972)

With a baby whale, a clown fish that produces bubbles in water, a coral reef with a waterslide, and a diorama playmat, this underwater playset will help children learn about sea creatures and ocean life.



Wild Animals of South America (10973)

Children can discover the wildlife and wonders of the jungle with this set. It contains seven different animals, a mountain, cave, and large tree.




Wild Animals of Asia (10974)

This set’s selection of cute animals native to Asia comes with a brand-new sound brick (featuring realistic animal noises). It will provide children with numerous play scenarios.



Wild Animals of the World (10975)

This set boasts twenty-two animals and seven continents. A whole new world of learning awaits children as they discover  different animals and their habitats in a global context



Introduce your child to the world of powerful play

You can find these sets at LEGO-certified stores and toy retailers across South Africa. To learn more check out @LEGOFamilySouthAfrica