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Nothing beats lounging next to the pool or lying at the beach with a good book. Child magazine reviews a selection of holiday reads that offer something for all ages to enjoy.


someone to love

Someone to love

By Victoria Schade (Welbeck Publishing, R180)

This heartwarming read follows the journey of Elizabeth Barnes who has been fired from her dream job in Silicon Valley. She escapes to England with her tail between her legs until she finds an abandoned puppy who needs her. For the first time in her life, Elizabeth feels that she has value, and both she and the puppy end up being rescued. 


thrilling sporting momentsRoad to Glory: Thrilling sporting moments

By Jeremy Daniel (Jonathan Ball, R150)

We love watching sport because of the thrilling moments, and the athletes who train so hard for a career highlight – be it a kick, a pass or a winning goal – that secures them a place in sporting history. Read more about some of the most exciting moments in our sporting history, such as Tatjana Schoenmaker’s epic Olympic finish in the 200 metre breaststroke. 



strong female lead

Strong female lead

By Arwa Mahdawi (Hodder & Stoughton, R355)

The world is grappling with numerous issues, from climate change and COVID-19 to poverty and food insecurity. Never before has there been more need for strong leadership. Arwa Mahdawi looks at what women in power can tell all of us about leadership. She argues that the traits we recognise in women – empathy, compassion and collaboration – are strengths and not weaknesses. This is the ideal motivational read if you have leadership aspirations or you’re contemplating your resolutions for 2022.


Annabel Karmel


Fun, fast & easy

By Annabel Karmel (Welbeck Publishing, R335)

Have some fun in the kitchen this holiday by experimenting with Annabel Karmel’s fun children’s cookbook. Use the simple, step-by-step recipes to whip up some tasty treats or to surprise the family with dinner. Children and adults can cook from the recipes together. The cookbook is beautifully illustrated by Bryony Clarkson. It brims with tips, food swaps for allergy sufferers and alternative ingredient suggestions. Cooking together is one way of making holiday memories with your children. This cookbook would also make a lovely gift. 


Dark FloodThe Dark Flood

By Deon Meyer (Hodder & Stoughton, R315)

Who does not enjoy a good holiday thriller? Almost fired for insubordination, detectives Benny Griessel and Vaughn Cupido find themselves demoted, exiled from the elite Hawks unit and dispatched to the leafy streets of Stellenbosch. As one expects from Deon Meyer, this latest crime novel is a veritable page turner, packed with suspense and intrigue – a winning holiday read.



Little by LittleLittle by Little

From Investment management company, Foord Asset Management

Little by little tells the tale of Anele, a young squirrel, who learns that saving and investing takes time and lots of patience. It follows on from the first book in the series, More than enough, in which Anele learns about the importance of saving.

Financial literacy is a life skill. “Research has shown that by the age of three, children can grasp basic money concepts” explains Foord Asset Management director Brendan Africa. “And that by the age of seven most children have already established lifelong money habits. By starting young, we have a greater chance of creating a culture of saving and investing among South Africans.”

The books are available free to schools, libraries and community centres in South Africa, as well as anyone else who is keen to create a culture of investing for their children.

magic baobabThe Magic Baobab Tree

By Yvette Wilsenach (E&W Publishing)

A lovely read for children aged eight to 12. Mike and Dumisane, along with other farmers in their area, are struggling with poachers. There are too many animal orphans and they are all becoming desperate. Mike goes to the magic baobab tree on the farm. There is a hollow in the tree and he sits down and thinks about the land he loves. He thinks about the animals and how sad he is that he cannot protect them. The spirit of the dead animals surround Mike and promise to protect him.


The Storm TreeThe Storm Tree

By Hélène Ferreira

An uplifting book for children in primary school and younger. One bright sunny day, a big old tree on top of a hill is inspired by music. This ancient tree suddenly starts to sprout buds that grow into musical instruments! The village is in trouble when a storm breaks out. The elements shake the music out of those instruments and a melody starts to play. Can the tree’s symphony save a village?

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