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Diverse group of preschoolers.

Set your child up for life from an early age with Dibber.

Children need a strong foundation and the support of their parents and teachers to thrive. The first few years of a child’s life set the stage for their future growth. Early childhood education has a crucial role to play in helping children develop the skills they need to succeed. Dibber boasts over 570 kindergarten schools internationally, where the focus during this important life phase is on making each child feel loved and valued.

“Every child will experience that they are valuable”.

Dibber does so by facilitating children’s emotional, social, physical, and cognitive growth and development.

This holistic offering to improve a child’s self-worth includes:

  • A Heart Culture: A beautiful atmosphere where everyone is included and cares for each other.
  • Playful Learning: Most learning at this stage is through meaningful play.
  • Joy of Mastery. The joy of reaching for goals, succeeding at new things, and mastering challenges daily forms a beneficial, foundational structure for life. The “I can!” programme gets children involved in various challenges so they develop mastery and skill and gain confidence and independence.
  • Holistic Child Development: Dibber encourages experiences, friendship, learning opportunities and memories. These shape children’s development and lay the foundation for life mastery and lifelong learning.
  • Language – great conversations: Dibber focuses on the understanding of text, as well as the ABCs and sound recognition to provide children with the best start to their reading and writing journey.
  • Creativity: All children are little artists. They will use their imagination to explore creativity, strengthen their self-image and generate a sense of safety. Problem-solving is an integral part of the creative process and a crucial part of children’s learning processes.
  • The Joy of Music: Music is a wonderful tool to create community and encourage inclusivity. Dibber explores different music genres, musical instruments and music from different countries and cultures. Children can create their own music, using both their voice and instruments, and with the help of digital tools.
  • Little Scientists: Children are naturally curious about their surroundings. Dibber explores the world around us, both indoors and outdoors. Children learn about nature, animals, astronomy, and science by observing, experimenting, and exploring. They also take an extra close look at our local community and society. As environmental agents, Dibber children care about the world, the waste we produce, the food we eat, and the things we buy.
  • Math – Let’s count: Dibber’s math programme covers numerous areas based on core knowledge of numbers, space, and shapes. The tasks and assignments allow each child to develop essential life skills. These activities are varied, accessible, and visible – designed to establish vital competence.

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