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There’s growing evidence of the benefits of education in the arts. It can provide an avenue for emotional expression. It also increases a child’s self-esteem and encourages creativity. 

Learners should have opportunities to showcase their work on stage, in public and in front of their peers and family. These on-stage performances teach a range of skills that go beyond the performance itself. These skills can also be applied to other areas of learning and life beyond school. 

A study done in 2019 by the Brookings Institute in Washington DC found that, “A substantial increase in arts educational experiences has remarkable impacts on students’ academic, social, and emotional outcomes”.


The American International School of Cape Town (AISCT) has a performing arts program that includes music (marimba, band, and vocal groups as well as various instrumental options), drama, and dance. Learners can start performing arts classes from Grade 1. From Grade 6, they can choose an elective in the arts. 

The Performing Arts Education team at AISCT outlines 8 key benefits that their learners gain when they engage in live performances:

  1. Adaptability: They learn how to improvise, solve problems on the spot, and handle unexpected situations.
  2. Communication: They develop presentation and communications.
  3. Time Management: They learn the importance of deadlines.
  4. Perseverance: They develop perseverance by working on a task until it is perfected to the best of their ability.
  5. Pride: They learn how to celebrate their wins and successes.
  6. Confidence: Being on stage helps to build their confidence and develop a healthy self-esteem.
  7. Creative thinking: They need to think outside the box and use their creativity.
  8. Collaboration: They learn how to collaborate with and work alongside their peers.

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The arts form part of both artistic and self-expression. It is an activity that is enriching and fun. While standing in front of a crowd is daunting, delivering a performance brings a sense of achievement. These moments heighten a student’s sense of self and bring awareness to their learning.

To learn more about AISCT’s Arts Program and other programmes, click here.