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Here’s how to ensure winter wellness for you and the family.

Snuggling up, comfort eating and doing as little as possible – sound familiar? It’s certainly how most of us like to spend our days when it’s cold. But going into hibernation isn’t the best way to ensure winter wellness. Try these tips instead.

Get jabbed

Make sure you get the flu shot before the flu gets you down. New vaccinations are developed each year to help fight off that season’s strains of the flu virus, so you and your family should be getting a yearly jab.

Sleep in

Take advantage of the cold mornings and sleep in (if you can). Getting enough sleep can help your body fight off infections.

Soak up some rays

Getting outdoors and enjoying the winter sun is a sure way to improve your mood. But there are other health benefits as well – the sun’s rays help our bodies create Vitamin D, which in turn makes our bodies stronger and helps us fight off winter germs.

Eat healthy

Make sure you and your family are getting plenty of fruit and veggies every day. This will help you get the vitamins and minerals you need. You can also choose foods rich in vitamin C, like lemons, broccoli or spinach, to help support your immune system.

Or try some delicious warming bowls of goodness to promote all-round winter wellness.

Stay hydrated

It may be cold, and you might not feel like drinking water, but your body still needs it. So make sure you are getting enough liquids. You can also avoid dry skin by keeping it well moisturised, especially if you or your family is prone to dry skin or eczema.

For more ways to help your skin during Winter, read Winter Skin

Keep active

Drag everyone off the couch and get them moving. The regular exercise can help you stay healthy and it will get your circulation going, so you’ll stay warm.

Help your immune system

Ward off the sniffles by keeping your immune system in good working order. Try a multivitamin or supplement to help bolster your system. If you’re not sure what to take, or if you should be taking something, speak to your doctor first.

Wash your hands

Germs spread quickly, especially when everyone has runny noses and coughs. Washing hands thoroughly can help prevent this spread. Encourage children not to touch their mouths, noses or eyes, and to avoid touching things in public, like escalator rails, banisters or table tops.

Clean up

At home you can disinfect surfaces by cleaning them regularly. Popular gather spots, like the kitchen or lounge, may have more germs and need to be cleaned more frequently.


Less stress often means you’re less likely to catch a cold or the flu. Don’t overwork yourself and if anyone is sick, keep them at home. If you’re not spreading germs, make time for family and friends – a bit of social interaction can help you relax and achieve winter wellness.

Tamlyn Vincent