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Shop these handmade face masks and support small local businesses

It’s bizarre to think that less than a year ago wearing a mask wasn’t a daily occurrence, let alone a legal requirement. Now it is just one aspect of life during a pandemic. Companies have been forced to adapt their business plans – a necessary response to the COVID-19 outbreak – and small, niche businesses have evolved to remain relevant.

With imagination, an ability to adapt, and enough impetus to recreate the wheel, these five small businesses began supporting their staff with a new business model: masks. Choose a mask for yourself or, better yet, pick two and match with your children as we face these unprecedented times.

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1. Blanki

Hand-drawn animal characters to make wearing a mask more fun, proudly South African Blanki finds delight in creating cute and comfy apparel for children. Their masks are selling like hot cakes and add a little more fun to this weird lockdown regime.

2. Rosehip Design

Rosehip Design creates and manufactures a range of botanical-themed fashion and accessories ranges. “It all started with four botanical umbrellas,” says co-owner Geraldine, “and it took off from there”. The range now includes umbrellas, raincoats, pyjamas, kitchenware, leggings, bags and towels, and face masks too. The inspiration behind the brand comes from a love of gardening and time outdoors.

Each face mask is handmade locally using thick 300gsm cotton, and is shaped, lined and breathable.

3. Mia Mélange

A proudly South African brand that handcrafts interior decor and lifestyle products, Mia Mélange uses predominantly 100% cotton rope. The breathable masks are designed to fit snugly on your face, with a wire insert to help limit air escape (especially convenient for glasses wearers).

4. Mrs Rose

Mrs Rose is passionate about making every woman look and feel their best in every season. These reusable, reversible, and fashionable face masks not only protect, but also make you feel beautiful too. Made out of scuba and rayon fabrics, each mask is multi-side; handmade in South Africa with love!

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5. Company & Good

A leather goods company now making and selling face masks during lockdown, Company & Good offers masks in a variety of colours and oh-so cool designs. Each features a three-layered cotton finish with 80 GSM filter extra protection.