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Here’s what you and your family are allowed to do (and not do) during level 4 of the national lockdown.

The national lockdown has been downgraded to level 4 and some restrictions have been eased. However, most of the original conditions have been retained. People are still expected to remain at home, only leaving to do essential shopping or seek medical attention.

The move to this lower level of lockdown forms part of government’s risk-adjusted approach to stimulate the economy by allowing some industries to function again, while still containing the risk for increased infections.

Significant changes

Some of the most important changes include:

  • Wearing cloth masks will be mandatory when going out in public.
  • You can exercise, but only from 6am–9am and only within a 5km radius of their home
  • Everyone, with the exception of essential workers, must be indoors during the curfew (8pm to 5am).

Find all the dos and don’ts (permissions and restrictions) and the specifics in the poster. For the most recent updates on level changes, please click here.

The national lockdown affects everyone, but it is especially difficult for children who may manifest stress and anxiety. Parents can help their children understand the situation and adapt in three ways.

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