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From apps to smart monitors, South African millennials are tech-ing parenthood to a new level. 

As the largest group of parents in South Africa, millennials have embraced technology as a valuable tool in their parenting journey.

Tech-savvy, they use a range of digital resources to access parenting information, get support from online communities, and find answers to their questions. Here are some ways in which millennials in South Africa, and around the world, are utilising technology in their parenting journey:

1. Embracing online information and support

Thanks to the internet, millennials have easy access to parenting information and resources. Advice, tips, and answers from reputable websites, blogs, and online communities are just a click away. This includes connecting with other parents, sharing experiences, and finding support.

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2. Mobile apps

From Parent Lab to The Happy Child, parents can tap into plenty of parenting apps that help aspects of raising children. These apps cover areas such as tracking baby’s development, managing schedules and appointments, monitoring sleep patterns, offering breastfeeding support, and providing educational content for children.

3. Online shopping

Online shopping means millennials can purchase baby products, clothing, toys, and other essentials. For busy parents, this convenience is a game changer.

4. Employing remote monitoring and safety

Advances in technology have introduced smart baby monitors and home security systems that help parents keep an eye on their children remotely. Think video streaming, temperature monitoring, and motion detection. Peace of mind has never been easier.

5. Encouraging digital learning

As digital natives, millennials are open to using technology in their children’s education. This includes educational apps, online platforms, and interactive learning tools. This is both fun, engaging and interactive.

6. Utilising communication tools

Communication tools, such as video calls, instant messaging apps, and social media platforms, help parents stay connected with family members near and far. This helps maintain strong family bonds and enables grandparents to participate actively in their grandchildren’s lives.

7. Finding work-life balance

Owing to technology, flexible working hours are becoming more and more common. This helps millennial parents balance parenting responsibilities with their professional lives. Remote work options, digital collaboration tools, and cloud-based storage means working from home is possible and efficient.

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While some may view the use of technology in parenting as excessive, for many South African millennials it’s a crucial tool that not only simplifies their lives but also enhances their parenting journey. And with technology continuing to advance, we can expect to see even more innovations that make parenting more accessible and rewarding.