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Children are growing up in a world that is undeniably different from that of previous generations. They face new challenges and are under increasing pressure in terms of academic, sporting, social and cultural performance in their daily lives.

It is for this reason that mental health is of global concern deserving attention and correction and it is increasingly important that when time and opportunity allow, children need to be encouraged to switch from competition to cooperation. Be given moments that help them realise what makes them special, and grow up into kind, self-aware, happy young people. 

Club Med Mini

Club Med is the world’s leading provider of premium all-inclusive offers for families, combining quality reconnection and expertise in childcare. The group operates a portfolio of around 70 resorts and is present in 30 countries around the world. As a pioneer, Club Med continues to satisfy an international family clientele and at the centre of its passion is creating holidays that aid children’s development by offering a context where creativity and courage can be kindled and fostered. Creating the right balance between individual enjoyment and reconnecting generations is, now more than ever, an essential component of the Club Med experience.  

This is why, in line with contributing to children’s development and happiness at the heart of Club Med’s raison d’être, all children’s activities in the resorts and at the kid’s clubs have been enriched through an exciting novelty framework inspired by Positive Education pedagogical principles. Introducing the new Mini Club Med +! Targeted at 4 – 10-year-olds, this science-based approach promotes children’s sense of well-being and resilience. It focuses on soft skills such as adaptability, collaboration, creativity and emotional intelligence, and in so doing helps kids grow into more fulfilled and resilient adults, engaged and capable of bouncing back.

With Mini Club Med +, children have the opportunity to develop their soft skills on holiday by participating in activities that are, of course, just as fun and constructive as they have always been at a Club Med. They spend enjoyable hours making new discoveries to share with the family, while parents enjoy much-needed us-time with the reassurance that their little ones are experiencing enriching experiences and creating memories to bond over.  Club Med

With this new approach, Mini Club Med + activities have been designed and enhanced to help children discover the following strengths; Creativity, Courage, Cooperation, Confidence, Cheerfulness, and Connection. Mini Club Med + also features a wealth of new activities designed to encourage and nurture children’s strengths and skills through games that put into play these soft skills.

raising happy children

Professor Ilona Boniwell, Expert in Positive Psychology and Positive Education and Consultant for Club Med states, “Parents are often only too aware of the complex context in which their children grow up. They are generally very knowledgeable about the best approach for their kids, but implementing it is not so easy! Positive Education responds to one of their major concerns, which is – how to raise happy children? The added bonus is that this approach brings a range of activities that motivate, interest and make children feel valued by combining education and fun.” 

Today, Club Med teams are more than ever attached to encouraging children to explore new activities based on fun, cooperation and adventure, inspired by the principles of Positive Education and aimed at fostering well-being and happiness. A curated selection of new or revisited activities set the pace of the daily Mini Club Med + programme. Designed to be even more fun and fulfilling, they are sure to boost young holidaymakers’ self-esteem and put happy smiles on their faces. 

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