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One of the best parts of parenting is bonding with your baby.

Bonding with your new bundle of joy encourages healthy physical and social development. There is no right or wrong way to do it, so it’s up to you and baby to identify what bonding routines work best for the both of you.

Lots and Lots of Love

Demonstrating your love is by far the easiest way to bond with your new baby. Kiss them, hug them, cuddle them and say loving things to him or her. All of these gestures create trust and affection.

Feeding Time

Whether you do bottle or breast, use this one-on-one time to connect with your baby. Make loads of eye contact and communicate affectionately while they’re feeding.

Baby Bathing Time

Physical touch is an important part of bonding and bath time is the ideal time to connect with one another. Use a moisturising bath product like Baby Dove’s Rich Moisture Head To Toe Wash to protect your baby’s delicate skin while you bond and wash away the play of the day.

Comfort Routines

Whether your baby likes to be rocked or patted when you’re soothing them, choose a comfort routine and be consistent. Your baby will learn to look forward to established routines that make up part of your baby bonding time.

Listen To Your Baby

Each child is unique and will express themselves in different ways. Learning their “language” and what those cries or gurgles mean to your child will help you connect and communicate better.

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Baby Massage

Grab some Baby Dove Rich Moisture Lotion and pretend you’re having a spa day with your little one. Gently massage those little legs, feet and arms to relax your baby as well as bond with them. The benefits of massage are well known and can help baby sleep better too.

Sing Songs, Talk in Silly Voices – Have Fun

Having a child is one of the few opportunities adults have to play and channel their own inner-child. So why not make time to have silly fun with your baby? Not only will you relax and laugh at yourself but baby will enjoy it too. It’s the perfect way to encourage a creative and fun attitude in your little one.

Remember, there is no such thing as being a perfect parent, only a real one. So explore bonding techniques that suit your unique needs.

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