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Not sure of what to get your dad this Father’s Day? Here are seven memorable ideas that will make sure your gift continues to spoil him long after the day has passed.

The personal touch

Tell Dad how much he means to the family with a personalised book. Characterful is a company that will create a unique book for you. Create a superhero book featuring Dad as the superhero, with the children as sidekicks along on an adventure to save the world.

Fun experiences online

If your dad doesn’t have much free time, give him fun online experiences he can dip into. Airbnb offers a wide variety of exciting Online Experiences, with tours, classes and interactions by experts from around the world. There’s a host of options to suit all tastes, such as a virtual wander around the Taj Mahal with a local guide in India, meeting a real-life shark scientist, getting a guitar lesson from a world-touring artist, or doing a full-body workout with a Taekwondo champion. It’s affordable and fun. New experiences are added on all the time.

A swanky cocktail collection

Dad will love concocting delicious cocktails. Start with a capsule collection of a few key spirits to make the most popular drinks.  “Add a few more versatile ingredients like vermouth, an orange liqueur and bitters, and you’ll be able to make a wide range of cocktails,” says Melrick Harrison at the Radisson Blu Hotel Waterfront. Add panache to his home bar by gifting him with a stylish glass decanter.

Set his music free

Does your dad’s music collection consists of scratched CDs and chipped plastic covers? Give him the gift of musical freedom with a Spotify subscription. With more than 82 million tracks available on the streaming service, he’ll be able to access anything from 70s rock anthems to smoky jazz numbers. The platform also offers more than 3.6 million podcast titles. He will easily find hundreds of shows he’ll love.

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The gift of gaming

If your dad loves playing video games, a gaming console would be a great gift. Studies from Stanford University School of Medicine show that men’s brains actually react differently while playing and indicate that the area in the brain that generates rewarding feelings is activated more in men than in women, although that’s not to say that mom might not want to get in on the action! Gaming is a pastime for people of all ages, but consoles can be expensive to buy outright, so consider renting one from Teljoy, who offer rent-to-own Xbox and Sony PlayStations on a month-to-month contract with the option to take ownership after a predetermined time. The subscription includes maintenance and risk cover. You can choose to upgrade, downgrade or cancel any time.

Allow dad to chill

Give your dad the gift of time off by gifting him a handyman to attend to household chores. SweepSouth’s Connect app has a list of professionals who can help with the endless list of tasks dads have to do at home. They also have outdoor services who will rake up leaves, mow lawns and clean the pool. Give your dad the satisfaction of walking around the house on Father’s Day, making a list of items needing to be fixed, knowing that he doesn’t have to do it!

Deliver treats

If you’re miles away from dad, consider booking him a home delivery of foodie treats. It can be anything from wine to whiskey or chocolate, but even a simple brunch selection of orange juice, muffins, yoghurt, eggs and bacon (set for an early delivery slot at his house on the day through a retailer like Checkers Sixty60), will be a huge treat.

Whether your dad is a fun dad, wise dad, strong dad, sweet dad, or kind dad, he’s your dad, so make him feel like the best dad on the day.