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Too much screen time is never a good thing. But children love playing video games. Here are some benefits of online games that may surprise you:

It boosts problem-solving skills

They teach children how to deal with problems in the game – whether it’s figuring out how to find clues or how to beat an opponent to reach the next level. Gaming requires players to process a lot of information at once. This teaches them how to handle problem solving with ease. This is by far more productive than allowing them to sit around and watch cartoons all day. 

Advice on how to parent in a world of screens

It teaches them how to handle losing

Video games are known to be more challenging as you progress in the game. There will definitely come a time when losing in the game happens on a regular basis. But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it allows them to process losing in a healthy way. The important lesson here is that losing is a part of the game and they can learn from their mistakes. 

It encourages socialising 

Many of the video games need to be played online and in teams. This allows children to strategise and communicate with their friends while playing. Often these games have a huge social media presence where children from all over the world share tips and discuss the latest gaming updates. 

Use gaming as a way to bond

Gaming is a great way to bond with the family, especially if you’re in a competitive household! 

There are a range of games that you can enjoy as a family, such as FIFA 22 for the sports mad, which is available on both PlayStation and Xbox. Tip: If you don’t have thousands on hand to fork out for a new game console, Teljoy has a range of gaming consoles available on a month-to-month subscription. In other words, you pay an affordable monthly amount and after a predetermined number of months you can choose to take ownership of the console, or alternatively you can upgrade it to the newest model or even cancel at any time if you no longer need it (or if the competition is getting a little too hot!).

It improves hand-eye coordination

Another great reason why video games have proven to be a huge success is the fact that it allows your kids to improve their hand-eye coordination. This alone has helped many surgeons who depend on these senses to improve their work while in the operating room. Even if your children are healthy, good hand-eye coordination is an invaluable skill to have growing up.

When figuring out how much time your children should be playing video games, there are a few things to consider. Be a part of the process, so that you can check they’re playing age-appropriate games. Keep the gaming console in a common area of the house, and also pay attention to games being played on phones.

Limiting time spent on video games could be influenced by factors such as if your child becomes overly consumed by them, or has mood swings or difficulties shutting down after playing games. Like most aspects of parenting, moderation with regard to video games is key. And always make sure your children have other activity choices too, like sports or creative hobbies.