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Younger children generally don’t have access to a smartphone, but it would be handy for them to have a device that gives them some independence.

With this in mind, Vodacom has launched the new Neo smartwatch for children. It puts them in control of their day and enables parents to stay in touch from a distance with calls and chat between the watch and their phone. This fun gadget has more than a sprinkling of Disney’s magic and is designed with children in mind. 

The watch is a brand-new addition to the Designed & Connected by Vodacom range and is aimed at children aged between six and nine years. Neo boasts a full set of features to help children stay in touch with GPS location, calls and chat. Neo also features a camera, activity tracker, calendar, weather info, and the watch can be personalised with characters from © Disney. © Disney/Pixar. © & ™ Lucasfilm Ltd. © 2021 MARVEL.

Ways to stay connected

While giving children a sense of independence, Neo gives parents the ability to connect with their child in a safe way. Parents simply download the Vodafone Smart App onto their smartphone. The built-in SIM allows the wwearer and their parents to stay in touch while they’re apart. The monthly fee is all inclusive so there is no need for top-up airtime or data.

Set the theme

Children can pick from a range of characters, including Minnie Mouse, Buzz Lightyear, Iron Man, Darth Vader, Elsa, Mickey Mouse, Rapunzel, Black Panther, Woody, and The Child – or as the rest of the world knows him, Baby Yoda. They will see their smartwatch background set to that character’s theme, and they’ll even interact with them when they switch on the watch. They can opt for a neutral experience with a character-free interface. 

Neo smart watc

Comfy and stylish

Neo features an ergonomic strap ensuring it’s comfortable to wear. It’s also waterproof with a certified IP68 rating. The battery lasts for 24 hours, making it the perfect gadget for active children. 

Keeping track

It is possible for parents to check the in-app map feature to see their child’s location in real-time. They can even check how many steps they’ve tracked. Parents can also view their photos. They can also set reminders and activities in the calendar.

Keeping an eye

Parents can also monitor their children’s communication. Up to nine trusted contacts can be added to the smartwatch. They can also manage their screen time through Neo’s Quiet mode. Quick calls can be used to reach any of the trusted contacts that parents have approved. While the device allows parents and children to stay connected to each other, it cannot be used to browse the internet.

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Content supplied: Vodacom