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A time will come when sleepovers and sleepover parties become popular, especially among girls. You might be there already. Use this five-point checklist to ensure you make the right decision when you child asks for a sleepover. 

1. Is this the right choice for your child?

Some children aren’t ready for sleepovers. They may not be comfortable with the idea of staying somewhere else, but feel pressure from their friends or don’t really understand what it means to have a sleepover. Make sure that this is the right thing for your child at their age-, comfort-, and maturity-level.

2. Do you know the other parents, have a relationship with them, and trust them?

This may seem obvious, but knowing who the adults are, and trusting them with your child, is an important consideration before you allow your child to sleep over at another person’s house.

3. Do you know who else will be at the house during the sleepover?

Older siblings, family friends, an uncle from out of town – make sure that you know all the people who your child will come in contact with and, if it makes you feel uncomfortable, cancel or reschedule the sleepover.

Tips for hosting a successful sleepover

4. Will the chosen media be at an acceptable standard?

Many children are first exposed to unsavoury content at sleepovers. You’ll want to set clear expectations for the night your child will be there.  Let the host parent know of any limitations on social media, or screen time.

5. Does your child have a voice?

You’ve talked through what a sleepover is and some of the things they should expect. You’ve role-played possible scenarios they might come across and had them practice their answers. If necessary, you’ve come up with a code word for your child to use if they want to come home, but don’t want their friends to know. You’ve scheduled set phone call times and a pick up time, if appropriate.

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