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While Easter is synonymous with chocolate egg hunts, there are less sugary ways of having fun at this time. Here are some alternative Easter activities that will soon become as popular as the search for chocolate bunnies.


And, for those special Easter celebration meals, look no further, we have you covered with our festive recipes.

Rock painting

Source some smooth pebbles or stones, either in the garden or from a nursery. Many are shaped liked Easter eggs, making them the perfect canvas for decorating with themed patterns and images. Acrylic paint is a good option for rock painting. You can hide these in the garden as an alternative to the usual Easter activities. Use the same paint to also decorate eggs that have been hollowed out.

Get creative

Make Easter-themed finger puppets, or lolly-pop stick bunnies using felt, pipe cleaners and other materials you have at home. Cut out bunny or egg shapes to hang around the house or place on the table if you are having a celebration meal.

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Pimp your biscuits

This is a great activity that will keep children busy for a few hours at least. Outline an image or pattern on a biscuit and have them decorate with icing or edible ink. We love these gorgeous edible artworks from Bizzie Lizzie. You can choose different themes, and the biscuit comes with a mini paintbrush so that you can decorate it yourself.



Flower power

Make a decorative wreath using egg cartons, folded bits of coloured paper, and dried or fresh flowers. Embellish with colourful Easter eggs.

Old-school games

Switch off the devices and spend some time as a family playing old-fashioned games, such as Snakes and Ladders and Ludo. The Crazy Store has a great selection of games for children of all ages.