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Childhood is a crucial phase in a child’s development. Dibber offers a novel approach to preschool that embraces holistic education. It is the largest operator in the Nordics with over 520 high-quality preschools in eight different countries and soon it will be available in South Africa. 

Holistic education
Dibber focuses on developing a child’s cognitive, emotional, physical, and social abilities. Firstly, it considers the needs, experiences and skills of each child. Secondly, it takes into account a child’s knowledge when planning learning opportunities and activities. By introducing new elements and challenges, children gain self confidence and advance. 

Life is a discovery. For example, we create experiences, friendship, learning opportunities and memories together. These will shape children’s development and lay the foundation for life mastery and lifelong learning. 

Dibber – a small stick used for planting. It makes room for seeds and cuttings to grow and thrive. 

Learning together

Being part of a community helps to develop a good self-image. Dibber is able to limit exclusion and bullying because it fosters inclusive communities through play. 

Social interactions and relations promote better learning and development while similarly, strong friendships help create a safe environment for our children.

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Playful learning

Play helps children learn to interact and use their senses, although it is often seen as the opposite of learning. However, it develops social skills, empathy and self-worth. The physical learning environment in preschool is often referred to as the third teacher. It must be an exciting and well-structured place that inspires curiosity and interaction.

Sense of community

Dibber promotes a strong sense of community among parents and caretakers. It starts with the adults who greet adults and children with interest.