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As lockdown restrictions ease, the biggest challenge for parents remains whether or not to send their children back to school. The indecision many parents face is understandable. Most of us are uncertain of what the (rest of the) school year has in store for our children. Here are some tips on how to keep your children learning during lockdown, whether you have chosen home-schooling or not.

Because education is fundamental to the success of our children, providing the necessary tools that they will need to navigate this time is essential. As parents, we want to be able to provide the best support structure for our children when it comes to their academics.

5 Tips on how to keep your children learning during lockdown

1. Make online learning fun

Children are creatures of habit, and because of this one simple fact, online learning can take some getting used to. Encourage your child by allowing them to explore what is considered a foreign concept to them. Make their online learning fun by getting involved in completing assigned tasks and reward them with treats for completed assignments.

2. Creativity is key

Children thrive off of imagination. For the younger ones transitioning back into schooling life, it is vital to allow them to tap into their creative minds as a means of engaging with fellow students, be it virtually or in person. Encourage children to role-play as they tackle getting back to the basics of their academic curriculum. We can’t think of a child who doesn’t love the idea of a game of pretend. Practising social distancing using the same method, while educating them on the dangers of the novel coronavirus may aid in preventing the spread among students who are back at school.

3. Stimulate children through active learning

Being confined to a table in front of a computer all day is no child’s idea of fun. Engage children actively with fun exercises that can be combined with learning materials to make learning more interesting for both your children and you.

4. Educate children on the dangers online

As more and more children spend time online for educational purposes; the dangers online become more prevalent. Educating your child on the many threats online (in an age-appropriate manner) while managing their fears will make them smarter and more aware of how to navigate their online experience safely.

5. Manage your child’s fears

Children may be less prone to everyday fears than adults are. However, considering all the changes that are taking place around them, it is important to remind them (and yourself) that it is normal to be experiencing fear and uncertainty. Put them at ease by telling them that they are not alone and that their family and friends are with them every step of the way.


As with any new transition, children can become intimidated and afraid when their routines are challenged. As parents, it is vital to make sure that our children are well supported and that their learning tools, the roof over their heads and their everyday necessities are covered by comprehensive home insurance in the event of damage, theft or any other circumstances out of your control. Educating yourself by comparing online insurance quotes will ensure that you can continue to provide for and support your children learning during the lockdown and live your way.


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