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As a family, it’s important to spend time together. But sometimes it can be a bit difficult finding new things to keep everyone busy and entertained. Why not try some fun outdoor activities?

There are many benefits to getting the family together for some outings:

  • You get a chance to spend quality time as a family and build on your relationships with your children and your partner.
  • Having fun outside also gives you the chance to take a break, de-stress and enjoy yourself. Taking this time with your family is vital to a balanced family life.
  • Family outings will give you and your family the chance to fit in a bit of exercise, breathe some fresh air and feel generally healthy.
  • You can also take the opportunity to see the sights. If you’re on holiday, visit some interesting spots in and around your destination. If you’re in your home town, see some of the sights that you don’t usually have time to visit.

Here are some ideas for fun activities out of the house:

  • Roller-skating or bike riding: visit the beach front, local dam or nearby park. Many of these will have paths that are just perfect for roller-skating or cycling along.
  • Water sport: sail a boat, or go water skiing, rafting or tubing in a dam. Hire out a paddleboat for a trip around the lagoon or dam; these are easy to use and plenty of fun.
  • Walk in a nature reserve or go hiking in the mountains. A stroll along the beach is also wonderfully refreshing.
  • Horse-riding: experienced and not-so-experienced riders can enjoy this activity. Younger children may like to go for a short pony ride, while more accomplished riders can enjoy a beach ride or pony trek.
  • Adventure activities are guaranteed to get the adrenaline going. Look out for bungee jumping, abseiling, or zip-sliding. Older children may also enjoy quad biking adventures.
  • Take a trip to a nearby funpark or waterpark. The rides can be as gentle or as crazy as you like.
  • Animal farms and reptile or bird parks are also a good option. Children can learn about all sorts of interesting creatures while taking a stroll outdoors.

Tamlyn Vincent