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Keep active by doing fun exercises, even during the holidays. Busy schedules, packed with social events and preparations for the festive season, mean that exercise is often no longer a priority. But you need to make exercise part of the holiday fun.

Instead of making exercise yet another chore you have to tick off your to-do list, find fun ways of keeping active in the holidays. 

Keep moving

Even a trip to the mall can be an opportunity to clock a few steps. Use the stairs instead of the escalator, and park a bit further away from the entrance. 

Play games

There’s nothing better than cricket on the beach, or some swingball in the garden to get the heart rate up. Encourage older children to meet with friends for a game of tennis, or basketball. 


Look for walking or running trails. Children of all ages will enjoy a gentle hike. Make sure you pack the right gear and enough snacks for a walk in nature. This is a great way to learn and exercise at the same time.  

Water fun

Swimming is an excellent activity, especially in summer. Up the benefits by encouraging your children to play games such as water polo or diving for hidden objects. 

Work it

You don’t always need to go to a gym to have a workout. There are plenty of online exercise options to suit all levels of fitness. And you don’t need fancy equipment. 

Move, baby

Dance like nobody’s watching. Pump up the music and get the whole family moving for a full cardio workout. 

Get active

Plan exercises that will get the whole family moving. Rock climbing or paintball will keep them busy for hours and they won’t even realise that they are improving their fitness and exercising at the same time. Consider indoor trampoline parks or treetop obstacles.

Challenge yourself

Set a fitness challenge for the family and see who can complete an easy set of exercises in a set amount of time. The winner gets to choose what’s for supper!

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