Here are important insights and some tips from teachers at St Martin’s, to help parents, guardians and students make lockdown learning and homeschooling easier.

Use this advice from teachers to improve the lockdown learning experience.

Communication is key

Good and regular communication between teachers, parents and students is vital to closing the distance. Keeping in touch is also a good way to maintain human connections and to remind you that you are not alone. Class chat groups are also an effective way of sharing learning methods and troubleshooting with other parents.

Detailed planning

Planning a schedule can make a big difference and be an effective way of keeping students engaged and in a routine.  Print or write out timetables so that it is easily visible to keep track of daily tasks. This will help your child stay on top of their work and their deadlines. Make use of any additional tools and planning or learning aids.

Include lots of breaks

Students are used to the school routine. A similar structure should, as much as possible, be adhered to while learning from home, and should include regular breaks. This will give students time to rest their eyes and take their minds off their studies for a while. And then come back to their work re-energised.

The teachers at St Martin’s included physical education challenges in their home learning curriculum that tested ball skills, hand-eye coordination and some even tested their sewing skills.

Be supportive

Lockdown is a very stressful time, and everything won’t always be perfect. Be mindful of what works for your child and give them space to figure things out for themselves. If they need assistance, be there, listen to them, encourage them, and find a solution together.

Learning from home is lonely, and it’s important for students to still feel connected to their school, classmates, and teachers during this time. St Martin’s holistic approach also focuses on the personal, mental, and emotional well-being of students. During lockdown, the St Martin’s teachers started the day with a check-in and even conducted weekly online assemblies with the headmaster.

About St Martin’s

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