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Reading literacy, one on one tuition to develop and improve reading skills for children of all ages.

The purpose of the Zen Den is to help children to read. It uses a philosophy that is suitable to help any child of any age. It is committed to developing the reading skills of each child and to connect and reach as many children as possible.

This is done by using the Montessori philosophy which can be adapted to suit any child of any age.  I supply all the necessary materials.  Each child will get one-on-one tuition in a safe, feel good, relaxed space for children of all ages.  I work at the pace of the child, as each child is unique when it comes to their learning abilities. Tuition can be from learning the alphabet to enhancing their fluency skills when reading.

Age Groups:
  • Pre-primary
  • Primary

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Contact Person: Julie
Lakeside, Cape Town 7945
Phone: 083 793 2963