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Kumon offers after-school Maths and English programmes for children of all ages and ability. Tuition is offered through our network of franchises around the country.

Kumon study develops not only academic ability, but also other life-skills such as concentration, a good daily study habit, goal-setting and achieving, and increased self-confidence.

By studying little and often through daily worksheets and regular class sessions (online and/or in centre), students steadily increase ability and fluency, building their skills in small, manageable steps. Over the long-term, Kumon establishes strong foundations in Maths and English, which will enable learners to thrive academically. Through daily study, children are able to reach and even exceed their current grade levels and feel confident enough to tackle any challenging work that comes their way.

Kumon Centres can be found nationwide. Please visit our website to find the Centre nearest you.

Age Groups:
  • Pre-primary
  • Primary
  • High School

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