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At Kairos, we imagine a world where education and caring about a child’s deeper needs go hand in hand.

Every Kairos child thrives thanks to our empathic and collaborative ethos; our devoted and highly skilled teachers; our carefully thoughtful curriculum and assessment systems; and our commitment to providing individual attention in a small school environment.

We imagine a world where education and caring about each child’s deeper needs go hand in hand. We pride ourselves on our founding values of Integrity, Mastery and Harmony. We allow each child to feel safe, to be seen and heard, and to feel understood. As teachers we commit to becoming ever more personally skilful and creative in achieving the conditions needed for our students to flourish in all aspects of themselves.

When we think of our educational model we want children to be happy when coming to school and create meaningful experiences for each child while still achieving — and wherever possible surpass — conventional curriculum outcomes.

At Kairos we emphasise inquiry-oriented and experiential learning within a teaching ethos of empathy. We stretch children ambitiously beyond textbook learning so they can achieve deeper learning and genuine understanding.

Kairos is neither a conventional primary school nor a radical, fringe rejection of how schools operate. Our third, common-sense way is an integration of cutting-edge educational solutions appropriate for 21st Century society, our children’s future.

Age Groups:
  • Pre-primary
  • Primary

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