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The learning environment at GO-Education is pressure free which helps learners with high anxiety get the most out of their educational experience and needs, which will be met by following a curriculum suited to them in an environment that lowers stress.

GO-Education is a safe space where children are free to express their way of learning. It is a spectrum friendly, stress free environment with no limitations. A happy environment for all.

The learner’s world will be expanded, and opportunities created in which they get to practice the skills learnt.
At GO-Education there is no pressure for learners to fit the mould of traditional education.
Your child should enjoy their schooling years while enriching them for success.

Each learner is placed on an individual educational plan (IEP) and adapted CAPS to meet their needs. We work on their strengths and encourage the learner in every way possible. HAPPY CHILD HAPPY LEARNER!
We cater for learners who need a smaller and relaxed learning environment. Many of our learners are academically sound however need to have a less stimulating slower paced classroom.

Age Groups:
  • Primary

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Plumstead, Cape Town