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A bath at the end of the day is a luxurious treat for adults, but it is often a warzone for parents of toddlers.  They often protest at the very thought of getting into the bath, never mind staying there.

Navigating your way through this ‘crazy hour’ after a long day can be daunting. These insights, tips, and tricks could help make bathtime a much happier experience for you and your little one. It could even be the highlight of your day!

Understand the senses

A bath is a sensory experience for children, and it’s possible that they may not like the sensations they experience. It may be that the noise of the running water is too loud, or the water is too warm. They may be daunted by their unsteadiness in the water when they slip or start to float.

Deal with these issues by running the bath before they’re in the bathroom if they don’t like the noise. Or, place an older toddler in an empty bath so they can let you know if when they’re happy with the water level. This gives them a sense of control over their environment, which could help reduce tantrums.

Resistant to change

Children love getting deeply involved in their play. So being suddenly removed from their game to bath is very frustrating for them. Create a transition between playtime and bathtime. Tell them that they have to bath once their current activity is complete. You could also use an audio cue, like a bathtime song.

Childrens’ fears aren’t funny

Children tend to fear new experiences. They may worry about the thought of water going down the drain or wonder why there are black dust floaties in the bath. Try hiding these with bubble bath, which is a whole treat on its own. You can avoid the fear of the drain by running the bath before your child gets in. Let the water out once they have left the room.

Make bath time fun

If your toddler doesn’t want to bath because they don’t want to stop playing, then let their playtime continue in the bath. You could use bath toys from LEGO® DUPLO ® that make bath time fun . The buildable animal characters help children understand construction and the simple physics of flotation. They can spend ages playing with the characters and imagining personalities and scenarios for them. Choose from Bath Time Fun Floating Red Panda, Bath Time Fun Floating Animal Train or Bath Time Fun: Floating Animal Island.

For more ways to make bath time fun

Set up a reward system

Children love to be recognised for their achievements. Many a behavioural issue can be positively addressed with a rewards system, rather than through  punishment.

That goes for the bathtime blues too. Set up a rewards system with a token awarded for every time your child doesn’t protest about going to bath. They can also be rewarded for getting out of the bath without complaint.

Bathtime is a great space for children of all ages to relax, use their imaginations, and even strengthen their emotional and social skills through play and storytelling.

Most importantly, it’s a an opportunity for parents to cast aside the cares of the day and spend uninterrupted playtime together, followed by cuddles and snuggles before the bedtime routine.