About Child Magazine

Hunter House Publishing was formed in 2003 when publisher Lisa McNamara’s research confirmed the need for a practical parenting magazine for Cape Town. Child magazine Cape Town was first published in February 2004, followed by the launch of Child magazine Joburg in August 2005 and Child magazine Durban in May 2007 and Child magazine Pretoria in May 2012. The magazines have become sought-after resources for parents within the relevant cities.

The Child magazine website was launched in January 2011 as a dynamic extension of the four city-based magazines. The website boasts a comprehensive archive of the magazine’s well-researched articles on parenting and health topics plus entertaining reads, an extensive resource section and a calendar of events for Cape Town, Joburg, Durban, and Pretoria. The website also runs weekly competitions and a vibrant blogspot for moms, dads and book-lovers.

Write for Us

Articles need to be well written and well researched, and cast new light on a topic, provoke thought and inspire parents to think further. Topical issues are not enough, if we’re not compelled to read past the first paragraph, we’re not going to publish the piece. The style and tone of your writing carries equal weight. We are not interested in prescriptive material nor do we publish articles about a particular event, product or service. Please be patient: a response time of eight to twelve weeks is usual.
  1. All articles must have a proper beginning, middle and end.
  2. When emailing submissions please put the title of the article in the subject line and label the file with the name of the article.
  3. Please familiarise yourself with our magazine before submitting an article. Child magazine is distributed through schools, preschools, day-care centres, doctors’ offices and family-friendly businesses and services.
  4. All books cited as part of a resource must be currently available in leading South African bookstores or on Kalahari.
  5. Please include three options for possible pull quotes.
  6. Always interview professionals – always more than one from Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg/Pretoria areas.
  7. Include references for claims made and contact details of people quoted.
  8. Please do not represent yourself as a writer of/for Hunter House Publishing without prior consent from the publisher.
  9. Please do not accept any payment or gratuitous accommodation, service or other offering from any business or subject mentioned in the work submitted.
  10. Resource lists must be submitted for Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg and Pretoria where applicable.
  11. Include a side bar with interesting facts, figures or a hands-on or step-by-step plan for parents (depending on the nature of the article).
  12. Use full demographics for all subjects interviewed i.e. Shannon Israel, 36, Sandton, estate agent and mother of two.
  13. Always support your article with research, interesting surveys or statistics.
  14. Only in exceptional circumstances will we accept articles where names of those quoted in case studies have had to be changed. Company,business names will only be mentioned if absolutely necessary.
  15. Decide what you want our readers to take away from your article and focus on that.
  16. Keep to the word count – 500 words for a health feature or a blog, and between 1 000 and 1 800 words for a longer feature article.
  17. Put your name, contact number, e-mail address, topic, publication month and word count at the top of the first page of each article you submit.
Contact Child magazine at: editor@childmag.co.za