You are currently viewing 4 Parenting Apps You Can’t Do Without

As a parent, you have a lot to manage and remember. From paying school fees on time to making sure that your toddler is entertained while you attend a Zoom meeting – it can be a struggle staying on top of everything.

These four parenting apps will help make life a little bit easier.

Become a super parent with Ovia Parenting 

Many new parents struggle to get into a set routine with their little ones. Lucky for millennials everywhere, the age of What to Expect When You’re Expecting has now expanded to a world full of social media and an app for almost anything. The Ovia Parenting app is a godsend for those who need a tool to help them track feedings, naps and other health updates for their children.

You can track important milestones with this queen of parenting apps, as well as your baby’s sleeping pattern. This makes it easy to remember their cycles and pick up any unusual changes. Parents and caregivers also receive articles, tips and content related to your child’s development.

Manage school admin with Karri 

Between preparing children for school and keeping up with the demands of homework and extramurals, it’s easy to see how important things can fall through the cracks. With the Karri app you will never forget a school payment again. Karri is a cashless collection platform for schools which aims to make the lives of bursars, teachers and parents simpler and easier. It offers a fast and secure payment method that makes that school fundraising a breeze.

Download this app for free on to a smartphone, create a login, and make an instant payment to the school from a credit card, debit card or via EFT.

Keep them entertained with YouTube Kids 

Screentime has become a common form of relaxation for children of all ages. Make sure you manage their time online by encouraging the use of YouTube Kids. The app is a firm favourite among parents as it is easy-to-use and engaging interface. You are also able to determine what content your children can view.

There are also great parental controls that enable you to set a timer to limit viewing time block certain content, turn off search options, and change search history settings.

Save time with Checkers Sixty60 

This one is a no-brainer. It’s an affordable way to keep your fridge and pantry stocked with healthy food, and it’s delivered within the hour. The Checkers Sixty60 app is intuitive and easy to use, it is amazing for any last-minute items you forgot to pick up during your shop, or if you prefer to do your weekly haul without stepping out your front door.

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