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Something for the classroom

A birthday reminder Create a birthday list for the classroom by screwing hooks into a small plank. Above each hook write, paint or decorate the plank with the name of the month. Then use small plastic disks, like you get for a key ring. The teacher can write children’s names on these with a whiteboard marker and hang them, using split key rings, under each month.

Stationery station Colourful stationery supplies will find a home in any classroom. Think markers, highlighters, bright sticky notes, fun stamps, colourful tape and well, anything funky and useful.

Something for the holidays

Picnic supplies A picnic blanket with lovely plastic plates and wine glasses is sure to give your child’s teacher an excuse to forget about school for a while.

A beach bag Fill a brightly coloured beach tote with a large beach towel and a magazine or new book. Add some sunscreen and a beach hat if you like.

Something to spoil her

Fun for feet Soft, fuzzy slippers and foot cream will help your child’s teacher relax while she stays off her feet for a while.

Spoil yourself’ spa jar Find a large glass jar and fill it with essentials for spoiling yourself. You could pop in some body lotion and hand cream, a loofah or body scrub. Nail cream, a nail file and pretty nail polish will work as well.

Something for nature

Mini succulent garden Instead of the usual flowers, fill a shallow pot with succulents – you can find a lovely variety of types and colours at your local nursery. Best of all, your child’s teacher can leave it in the classroom, as it’s low maintenance and won’t need to go home over the holidays.

Coffee, naturally Look out for environmentally-friendly, recyclable items, like the Ecoffee Cup or bamboo mugs. Add some organic, locally-grown coffee – or beans if you know she has a grinder, otherwise go for ground coffee.

Something fun

A box of sunshine Find a good, sturdy box and fill it with anything yellow. You can add yellow sweets or chocolates, yellow nail polish, yellow bath goodies, yellow stationery, gold glitter – anything that will leave a smile on the teacher’s face when she opens up her box of treasures.

A doodle pad or diary Look for a fun notebook, next year’s diary or just a notepad. Every few pages, add a motivational note, a bit of inspiration, a website with great resources for teachers, or get your child to draw a picture. Add some colourful pens.

Tamlyn Vincent