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Motherhood Makes You Smarter

Raising a baby, then toddler, gives you anything but mushy brain. You’ll have learnt a whole range of new skills
Elaine Eksteen
1. You used to need two free hands just to make yourself a cup of tea but now, while balancing a child on your hip, you can cook a three-course dinner, update the shopping list, sort the washing and do your online banking without so much as lifting a finger from your child’s waist.
2. You’ve become an expert interpreter.

When Your Children are Too Quiet at Home

Every parent longs for a bit of peace and quiet, but you need to be aware of the diabolical shenanigans and potential danger of too-quiet children
Laura Twiggs
As most parents know, there are different kinds of quiet. There’s good quiet, which is when you know full well that the children are tucked up in their beds, sound asleep. There’s bad quiet, which is the long moment just before a raging tantrum is unleashed. And then there’s the most unnerving sort of quiet of all, when it dawns on you that the house is too quiet, and in a second you realise that it’s been too quiet for far too long.

Searching for the Ideal Nanny

It's not easy to go back to work when your maternity leave ends, but having a good nanny can smooth things over
Laura Twiggs
Just about every mom I know has a Nanny Horror Story to tell, whether it was a Nanny From Hell who was narrowly dodged, or one who had to be let go.
The dubious honour of The Worst Ever and The Most Evil Nanny Story of All Time must go to Janine*, a super-meticulous mother of twins whose stylish Sandton home and thriving publishing career fit her right down to her gym-toned body.

Why Your Child Should Learn to Swim at an Early Age

Exactly when and how children learn to swim involves different strokes for different folks, but water safety is an important life skill
Tamara Rothbart
We spend nine months marinating in a watery womb before being projected on to terra firma. Submersion in water is a nostalgic reminder of our first blissful abode. Yet we are no more amphibious than frogs are human. Swimming does not come naturally. Drowning is the second highest accidental cause of death in the 0-14 age group in South Africa.

Child Safety Tips to Protect Your Children at Home

More than 80 percent of childhood injuries in the home can be prevented. Use this list to childproof your home and keep your children safe
Lee-Ann White
Child safety and childproofing your home go hand in hand.

Becoming a Mother for the First Time

Untold joy, utter exhaustion and immeasurable, profound changes await the first-time mother
Donna Cobban

Many years ago, I was travelling through the lower bowels of the Joburg CBD with some colleagues, both of whom were fairly fresh out of the labour ward.

Helping Your Firstborn Child Adjust to a New Baby

When you fall pregnant again, your older child will be greatly impacted. Parents can help their firstborn adapt to a new brother or sister in the home
Sasha Cuff

Your child’s age plays a significant part in how and when to break the news of your pregnancy. A younger child may not actually grasp the concept that ‘mummy has a baby in her tummy’ until it is starting to show, whereas an older child will have a better understanding of this.

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