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Breast-feeding – no substitutes

We explain why nothing beats breast milk
Anél Lewis
Only about eight percent of South African mothers choose to exclusively breast-feed their babies, despite the health benefits. To change this “unacceptable situation”, the government will stop providing formula, or breast milk substitutes, to mothers at state hospitals and clinics, unless a doctor prescribes it. There will also be formal changes to the way in which formula is marketed.

Music for the Mind

How can listening to Mozart benefit your child?
Sonja du Plessis
My daughter was a very “busy” baby during my pregnancy, constantly churning and moving. But as soon as I listened to a particular CD she calmed down. I played “Kisses from Heaven”, filled with affirming lyrics and classical vocals, throughout my 24-hour natural labour. Now she is six years old and plays this song on her own CD player. It still soothes her and I often hear her singing along to the music in an angelic voice at night.

Baby Moves

5 motor milestones that play an important part in your baby’s development
Tamlyn Vincent
During the first 18 months of their lives, babies go from being absolutely helpless to being little people who can walk. Melodie de Jager, from BabyGym, says “the motor milestones are viewed as beacons of progress” that enable the brain, heart and body to function properly. The quality of a baby’s development during these early months “determines the quality of her emotional, social and intellectual development” going forward.

Introducing Baby to Toddler

Tips to ease the anxiety of introducing your new baby to his sibling
Joanne Lillie
When contemplating the arrival of our second baby, my husband and I found ourselves besieged by a host of anxieties quite unlike those we had felt at the birth of our first. Least of our concerns were the actual birth and whether we’d know what to do. Our fears now centre on how to manage two different routines, and how to make our means and our love stretch to two.

Three in a Bed

Should you let your child sleep in your bed? A look into the habits of co-sleeping families
Donna Cobban
At around 5am my son started crying softly. I lifted him from his bassinet and laid him on my chest. He wasn’t yet 24 hours old. He stopped crying immediately and settled back to sleep. Just as quickly as he settled, the curtain around our hospital bed was whipped aside and chief night nurse observed us closely with arched eyebrow. “Well, now you’ve started something you will never be able to stop,” she said, before spinning on her heels and clipping her way out of the ward.

Ectopic Pregnancy

Early identification of ectopic pregnancy is critical to avoid massive haemorrhage, infertility or even death
Margaret Levick

Stages of Motherhood

We look at how to find yourself when your children find their feet in the world
Helena Kingwill
Jenny Thornton* (41), a teacher and mother of two from Rondebosch, sighs as she pushes my two toddlers in their tandem pram. I am glad of a chance to walk normally instead of tilted at a 45-degree angle to the ground to keep the momentum. Her two haven’t needed a pram for a long time. Perhaps offering to push the pram is part of her broody hankering after those cute, cuddly days. She is one of those mothers who stayed at home with her children for five years before sending them to pre-school.

Finding Mary Poppins

Finding the right nanny or au pair to look after your child can be daunting. Here are some tips
Anél Lewis
Your child is precious to you, so finding the right nanny or au pair is one of the more important, and difficult, decisions you may have to make as a parent. I am fortunate to have the nanny who looked after me as a baby now caring for my daughter. I grew up with Jemima, and have no qualms about leaving my baby in her capable care. But most parents have to start the often-daunting search for a suitable person from scratch.

Helicopter Parenting – Hovering Doesn’t Help Your Child

Parents who try to protect their children from every knock in life are not doing them any favours. The parenting challenge is to get the balance right
Laura Twiggs
I’ve met a five-year-old who still drinks from a bottle, a six-year-old who won’t eat unless he’s on Mumsey’s lap, a four-year-old still on the boob, countless ten and eleven-year-olds who can’t even put on their own sunblock, let alone tidy their own bedrooms or help with basic domestic chores.
Their moms and dads are ‘helicopter parents’, because they’re always

Motherhood Makes You Smarter

Raising a baby, then toddler, gives you anything but mushy brain. You’ll have learnt a whole range of new skills
Elaine Eksteen
1. You used to need two free hands just to make yourself a cup of tea but now, while balancing a child on your hip, you can cook a three-course dinner, update the shopping list, sort the washing and do your online banking without so much as lifting a finger from your child’s waist.
2. You’ve become an expert interpreter.
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