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The ethics of nanny cams

We weigh up the pros and cons of nanny spy cameras
Anél Lewis
Disturbing footage of a Ugandan nanny abusing a toddler went viral recently, sparking widespread alarm among parents who rely on others to watch their children when they can’t. The abuse was captured by a camera – or a nanny cam – that had secretly been installed by the two-year-old’s father. When I saw the video, my first thought was: what would have happened if that nanny was not caught on camera?

Having your first baby

What to expect when you’re expecting
Donna Cobban
The night my water broke, I stood outside at the back door looking up at a star-studded sky, aware that my life was about to change forever. I longed for a village of elders to whisper words of advice and then silently retreat. Looking back, had they been there, they would have told me that breast-feeding is not easy. Fail to get it right and your nipples will crack open and fissures will appear the size of canyons.

Pregnancy 101

Eight important conversations you should have before you contemplate children
Anél Lewis
New relationships are about candlelit dinners and intimate chats – usually about love, life and happily ever after. But there are some discussions you need to have before adding children to the mix.
And baby makes...

Bump on the move

Safety tips for pregnant drivers
Marina Zietsman
Many pregnant women believe a seatbelt and airbags can cause more harm than good to them in an accident. Car safety for unborn children still needs more research because foetal injury and death are rarely part of statistics, but Swedish car manufacturer Volvo has developed a virtual crash test dummy called Linda, which is of average size and approximately “36 weeks pregnant”. Linda simulates how a pregnant woman moves in a crash and how the foetus moves inside her.

It’s raining love

Whether you’re planning a trendy shower or a quiet sprinkle, baby showers should be about helping new moms prepare for the journey
Tamlyn Vincent
The food and drinks table decor is pink and white. So are the food and drinks. My friend balances gifts on what little is left of her lap, opening each to a chorus of “oohs” and “aahs”. At my own baby shower – a fun but anxious event – I was terrible at guessing who gave what. Why do we need to guess, anyway? And do we really need all those clothes, gadgets and toys?

This isn’t what I ordered

Coming to terms with gender disappointment in pregnancy
Sasha Cuff
In the dim light of the ultrasound room, the tension is tangible. Silenced by her concentration, I lie and wait as the sonographer steers the probe across my belly. She seeks out intricate details on her screen to determine if everything is as it should be with my developing baby. I squint at the monitor, trying to see what she is seeing but, aside from a distorted and bumpy jumble of shapes, I am lost.

Living with loss

The devastating psychological effects that miscarriage has on both partners
Glynis Horning
After an easy first pregnancy that produced a perfect son, I was breezing through my second until a 12-week checkup. “I’m sorry,” said the gynae softly, after a pause in our usual banter, “I can’t detect a heartbeat.” A scan confirmed I had miscarried. In a trance, I heard the nurse book a D and C (dilation and curettage) for the following day. Driving home to tell my husband, anguish poured from me in wracking sobs that frightened me and passing motorists.

Prepare for takeoff

Flying long distance with your baby can be a different experience each time
Cassandra Shaw
Certain that her five-month-old son would be “screeching like a banshee… not sleeping, not eating – just being a general gremlin” and that everyone on board would nominate her and her husband as “prime candidates for Worst Parents of the Year prize”, Irene Walker was not looking forward to flying overseas with her child. But, despite her worries, she found that it was much easier than she’d imagined.

Holiday Upheaval

How you can holiday without disrupting your baby’s developmental milestones
Ruwaydah Harris
Going on holiday requires good timing and, at times, thorough planning, especially if your baby is busy learning something new. Abandoning routine for the sake of enjoying a stress-free holiday may be tempting, but sticking to routine, as best you can, even when you’re away from home on a much-deserved family vacation, is important in your child’s development.

UIF and Maternity Rights

We look at how the UIF system can work best for pregnant women and new parents
Anél Lewis
There’s so much to think about when you’re pregnant, and top of the list, if you are working, is how much maternity leave you can take and whether you will get paid for the time that you’re at home with your baby.
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