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The magic of movement

Babies need to be active; this encourages essential learning and development.
Babies are always moving around, from wriggling on the changing matt, to rolling, crawling and eventually walking. Research has shown that babies can move between 1km and 3 km in a single day! This movement is vitally important to the development of your little one.

Bedtime best practice

How to set the scene for quality sleep – for you and baby
Philippa Selfe
How your child sleeps can be directly proportionate to how you cope as a new parent. As someone whose children didn’t sleep consistently through the night until the age of two, I basically fell apart. If we had a third child, I’d probably do things differently. For starters, I definitely wouldn’t wait 12 months before seeking professional help like I did with the first two.

Parental guidance

Moms-to-be are often counselled through what to expect, but what about their partners?
Jessica Baxter
When my husband and I found out we were expecting our daughter, we were elated. Those heady days of early pregnancy when you lie in bed debating baby names and imagining life with a little one had us convinced the next nine months would be spent in loved-up bliss. And then the hormones kicked in. When asked for advice by soon-to-be dads on how to navigate their way through pregnancy, my husband simply replies: proceed with caution.

Back to Work

If your maternity leave is coming to an end, you’re probably beginning to explore your childcare options. Here are a few to consider.
Jessica Baxter
dial a nanny
Hiring a nanny is a popular choice among working moms who want their children at home in a familiar space. Employing someone to look after your child at home also means you can set the schedule and be more in control of the kind of care you’d like for your little one.

Baby's first 100 days

A dad's take on those first few weeks of a newborn's life
Nick Dall
In my experience, the fun begins when you bring your bundle of joy home from the hospital. In their first few days out of the womb, babies tend to spend most of their time sleeping. And even if yours doesn’t, dealing with a niggly newborn is a lot easier when you have an entire ward of doctors, nurses, cleaners and caterers at your disposal.

The stork is coming

New parents share what they wish they knew when their baby was born and what they won’t forget next time
Marina Zietsman
Medical surprises
Medical aids are not cheap, and neither are hospital costs. Parents-to-be must make sure they’re aware of any hidden expenses before doing the emergency run to the hospital.

Soothing your sick baby

Experts give advice on ways to cope with your baby's congestive nights
Tammy Jacks

While we all suffer from the sniffles now and then, studies have shown that it’s not unusual for babies and young children under the age of eight, to contract up to 10 viral colds a year, especially during the colder months. And with the average cold lasting up to 10 days, that’s a long time for your little one not to feel well. The good news is, “When a baby gets a cold, the immune system produces antibodies to fight it, which lingers to make the immune system strong enough to fight the next infection, says pharmacist and complimentary medicines expert, Giulia Criscuolo.

Music and your baby's brain

Lullabies and sing-a-longs – music is like magic for a child and a force for their growth
Lucille Kemp
Do you remember that fascinating video that first did its rounds a few years ago of a baby that, astonishingly, appeared moved and became teary as his mom sang a Rod Stewart ballad to him?

Maternal style

Tips on essential maternity wear that will make you feel fabulous before and after your baby is born
Anel Lewis
L ook, let’s be honest, I was no Kate Middleton during either of my pregnancies. My staple maternity gear was an oversized T-shirt I’d won years back at a grape-stomping competition and, in the last few weeks of my pregnancy, a strappy sundress bought from a flea market in downtown Joburg was all I could wear. I really did want to be like those radiant mothers who grace pregnancy magazines wearing chic leggings and cute tops that neatly hug their growing bumps.

Tiny tempers

Clamber Club shares their helpful tips for biting babies and toddler tantrums.
Embarrassing, frustrating (or painful) as they may be, biting and temper tantrums are a normal part of your child’s development. A phase of biting, screaming, kicking and breath-holding is bound to happen at some point or another, but it’s helpful for parents to equip themselves (and their little ones) to cope with this behaviour.
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