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Working From Home Moms

Starting a small business from home is not as daunting as it seems. Many mothers are going it alone so they can spend more time with their children
Cindy Moritz
Caryn Myers is a lawyer who spent eight years working at a law firm. The hours were long and pressure was commonplace. Her health took a backseat and there was hardly a good balance between work and personal life. A year after she got married, Caryn took another plunge: to set up a home office and go it alone.
Many moms like Caryn work from home.

The future is digital, get your children ready

How do we prepare our children for a future we can’t predict? And careers we can’t even imagine? Here’s what you can do to get your children ready for Industry 4.0.
Child magazine
We live in a digitally disrupted world – where a tweet can tank an economy, where currencies are losing their value; where our digital footprints lead to our front door; and where climate is changing the financial landscape. The world as we know it has changed and nowhere more than in business, banking and money. This is the new frontier.

Bonding With Baby

Making time to bond with your new bundle of joy is one of the ways to encourage healthy physical and social development.
Baby Dove
Making time to bond with your new bundle of joy is one of the ways to encourage healthy physical and social development. There is no right or wrong way to do it, so it’s up to you and bubba to identify what bonding routines work best for the both of you. If you need some ideas on how to start, look no further as the Baby Dove team have come up with a few activities you could try.

dads, reading and reading aloud

This Father’s Day and every day, dads can get in on story time and create special memories that will last a lifetime
Child magazine
Dads are the people we look up to. They’re our role models, our heroes. So it’s little surprise that dads have a huge role to play when it comes to getting children, especially boys, to love reading.

dealing with conflict and the strong-willed child

Learn to handle conflict, inspire empathy and recognise teachable moments in your home
Tamsyn Cornelius
Let’s face it, raising a strong-willed child has its challenges. Constantly butting heads with a mini version of yourself, may leave you feeling a little out of your depth and under strain. Take a seat. We’re here to help.

What to do if your child has a serious depressive disorder

If your child is expressing intense sadness or severe irritability don’t allow the stigma associated with mental disorders to stop you from seeking treatment. The right diagnosis can make the world of difference.
Dr Sussman

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