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Surviving Namibia

A novice camper explores Namibia with her family and discovers the most beautiful country in the world and a secret talent for erecting tents
Christina Castle


A Trip to the Majestic Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe

One mom treats her seven-year-old son to a bush adventure at Vic Falls where they encounter spectacular wildlife and some interesting characters
Sue Segar
Thomas and I are incredulous. And it’s not because we are soaked through from the spray of Victoria Falls. We are gobsmacked because we have just seen our first 50-trillion-dollar note. We are standing outside the Zambezi Blues River Café, a shady haven of a restaurant in the small town of Victoria Falls, having strolled up from the thundering waters. A very charming man is asking for R100 in exchange for a large wad of Zimbabwean dollar notes, which includes a couple of 50-trillion-dollar notes, a few 500-million-dollar notes and some 200-thousand-dollar bills.

Family Getaway to Papkuilsfontein in Northern Cape

If you want to get far from the madding crowds for a few days, the Northern Cape is ideal. We visited Papkuilsfontein to see what it offers families
Donna Cobban
As we cross into the Northern Cape, my stepfather casts his eyes about the landscape. “It’s not for everyone,” he says. I couldn’t agree more. I have always favoured a Garden Route getaway over a trek into the interior.
So why did I agree to head for these harsh climes where the temperature soars to 40°C? Most sane folk come this way for the August flowers, where after a day of marvelling over fields carpeted in colour, they light winter fires and catch up on some good reading.

Family Backpacking in Thailand

Two boys were treated to a backpacking adventure in South East Asia - and cultural lessons in the school of the world
Nina Mensing-Challis

When I found myself pregnant in Thailand at age 23, having just spent two years travelling and working our way around South East Asia, we were not ready to head back to South Africa and set up home. There was still so much of the world to see. So we planned to have the baby, then fly back to Thailand and continue our backpacking journey around the world.
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