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48 hours in Abu Dhabi

A whirlwind trip to Abu Dhabi means thrilling experiences in this Middle Eastern mecca
Lisa Mc Namara
Abu Dhabi, the enigmatic capital of the UAE, is blessed with an action-packed calendar, including a Grand Prix, the World Cup of Sailing and a PGA golf championship, plus there is no shortage of cultural experiences to choose from be it music concerts, food fairs or heritage gems. And let’s not forget the highly anticipated Louvres for all those art aficionados.

Get excited for the holidays

The world is one gigantic playground, why not make the most of it?
With the upcoming June/July holidays there is much to look forward to, and not just for the children. Trafalgar has rounded up some of the best spots around the world for parents to relax and for the children to have the time of their lives.

Book your next breakaway

Family-friendly hotels from across the country
The holidays are fast approaching and if you’re feeling slightly panicky at the thought of cooking, cleaning and entertaining, why not check into a hotel where your meals will be sorted, the children will be entertained and you will be pampered? Here is our pick of family-friendly spots across the country.

Camping in the cold

There are plenty of advantages to setting up camp in the cooler months.
Tamlyn Vincent
Outdoor adventures with your children make for great memories. Camping is one such adventure – and may just become a fun family tradition in the winter months. If the dip in temperatures is giving you cold feet about pitching your tent, here’s what you need to know about camping in the cooler months.

Life's a beach in Mauritius

One family wasn't sure what to expect from a Mauritius resort holiday, but now they can’t wait to go back
Nick Dall
Before my wife and I had children, we scoffed at the idea of mundane Mauritius and chose instead to holiday in exotic, edgy places like Bolivia, Vietnam and Peru. When our eldest daughter turned two we finally came to our senses and realised that real holidays should be all about sun, sea, sand and sleep.

Exploring Durban

One family heads to the KZN coast for cake by the ocean, a train trip and plenty of sand art
Anel Lewis
M y son, Conor, is obsessed with trains, planes and just about anything that has an engine and makes a noise. This includes lawnmowers, leaf blowers, and, as we discovered on a recent family trip to Durban, the rotating machines that cover suitcases in plastic at the airport. While we thought the flight on an aeroplane would be the highlight, the baggage-covering machine was a winner before we had even checked in at Cape Town International.

Stress-free baby travel

Should you take your nanny along on holiday?
Tammy Jacks
While most will agree that having a baby is a special, memorable experience, the series of sleepless nights and long, intensive days that follow can be exhausting and leave new moms wishing for some time out. If a family holiday sounds like a good idea, who tags along matters a lot more now than it did in your pre-baby vacation days.

Destination: Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia offers a lot of scope for an exciting holiday, without breaking the bank
Simone Jeffery
Land of smiles
Officially called the Kingdom of Thailand, the country is known for pristine beaches, jutting limestone karsts, Buddhist temples and jungle trekking.

The spirit leveller

A weekend getaway to the seaside dorp of Struisbaai evoked old childhood memories in the author
Lisa Lazarus
Recently we headed out to Struisbaai for a weekend away. This town, nestling next to the southernmost tip of Africa, is known for having the longest beach in the Southern hemisphere, for still being a sleepy little dorpie, and for the wind. It also has a restaurant named “Restaurant”.

Ski time

One family hit the ski slopes at two local resorts and had the time of their lives
Peter Kilpin
South Africa is known for its outdoor experiences, like viewing the Big Five, but you may be surprised to hear that snow skiing is also on the list of great outdoor activities families can enjoy. Tiffindell in the Eastern Cape and Afriski in Lesotho both offer these unique opportunities.
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