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Five winter holiday destinations for South African families

Here are five places travel professionals recommend as the ideal after-exam escapes for South African families during the July holidays
Child magazine
If you have school-going children, chances are that right now, you are in the throes of the June exam preparations.

Take your kids out of the classroom and into the world with these 5 travel ideas

Replace the iPad with a passport this year. There’s no better way for your kids to learn about the world than experiencing it with all their senses engaged.

An international trip with the family is a great investment, explains Trafalgar MD, Theresa Szejwallo. “It’s an opportunity for quality bonding time, whilst learning about new cultures and enjoying a whole new set of hands-on activities together”.

Life’s Pleasure in Provence

It was a dream come true for photographer Rachael Hale McKenna and her family who lived in the southeast of France for five years.
Rachael Hale McKenna & Peter Mayle
Provence is still beautiful. Vast areas of it are still wild and empty. Peace and silence, which have become endangered commodities in the modern world, are still available. The old men still play their endless games of boules. The markets are as colourful and abundant as ever. There is room to breathe, and the air is clean.

Plain sailing

Want to unplug your screen-addicted child? Plan a cruise holiday, says Flight Centre.
What topped your children’s holiday wish list this past holiday? Chances are it has a screen, is linked to social media, or is a game of sorts.

Romantic outings in and around Pretoria

Charming ways to spend quality time with your partner
Rest and relaxation
Take some time out to visit Mountain Sanctuary Park in Magaliesberg. Whether you’re visiting for the day, or spending the weekend in one of the log cabins, chalets or cosy huts, the tranquil setting provides the perfect opportunity to relax.

Romantic outings in and around Durban

Charming ways to spend quality time with your partner
The air up there
See the world pass slowly beneath you with Sky Adventures as you take off in a hot-air balloon and travel along the base of the Drakensberg mountains, or glide above a game park to spot giraffe and rhino.

Romantic outings in and around Cape Town

Charming ways to spend quality time with your partner
A view from the top
With long summer days giving us a few more precious hours to enjoy the Mother City, it’s the perfect time to celebrate Valentine’s Day on top of one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature. Reach the top, raise a toast to your love life, and savour the picturesque view.

Romantic outings in and around Joburg

Charming ways to spend quality time with your partner
Vintage romance
A night on the town takes on an old-world charm when you’re in your own chauffeur-driven vintage automobile. At the Limo King, you can choose between classic vintage cars such as a Buick, Rolls-Royce, Bentley and a 1959 Mercedes-Benz convertible or a modern VW Beetle or Mini Cooper limo.

Are we there yet? What kids really want from a family holiday

Want a successful family holiday? Involve your kids in the decision-making
Your seven-year old may not seem the likeliest choice of travel agent for your next family holiday, but involving your children in the planning of your getaway could just be the best decision you’ll ever make.

Have baby, will travel

This seasoned traveller passes on a love of island life as she explores the Seychelles with her baby
Lauren Manuel McShane
“Travelling with a baby is so easy and care-free,” said no one ever. Nevertheless, as travel journalists with a love of island life, we were determined to continue exploring the world after Caleb was born. While jet setting is no longer as easy as slinging on a backpack at short-notice, we’ve discovered that careful preparation makes travelling with a baby possible.
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