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a game experience – no screens required

Looking for a getaway that offers luxury, relaxation and a rare opportunity to see the Big Five in the wild? We’ve found just the place, and it’s only a three-hour drive from Cape Town.
Anél Lewis
Located in the heart of the Little Karoo, and spanning 58 000 hectares, the vast spaces of the Sanbona Wildlife Nature Reserve provide the ideal environment for families to connect not only with each other, but also with nature.

making and evoking memories

A gem of a holiday resort, harking back to the glory days of this writer’s childhood
Catherine Pate
As a child, I grew up in KwaZulu-Natal and we spent many of our family holidays at the myriad of resorts dotted around the Drakensberg Mountains, the South Coast and, a bit further afield, the Wild Coast, or Transkei as it was known in those days.

holiday heaven in france

One brave mother takes her toddler across the seas for lazy summer days in the French countryside
Donna Cobban
A whole month in the South of France where my mother lives and, somewhere in the middle, I would fly to the North of France to visit my son’s father’s family. The fact that all the grandparents live in France is pure luck, but somewhat handy given the cost of international travel.

everything’s eiré about ireland’s family adventures

Ireland is an excellent option for families. There is a great deal to keep all ages entertained and it’s exceptionally easy to see a lot in a short time.
Child magazine
Keep a keen ear out for the sound of tapping when you head to the home of the last remaining leprechauns in Northern Ireland. Legend has it these little mischief-makers were in fact the shoemakers for fairies and, if you listen hard enough, you can still hear them tapping away at shoes with their tiny hammers.

where penguins play

A Cape Town family took a trip “down the line” in search of warmer sea, less wind and exquisite lodgings.
Lisa McNamara
Cape Town is a beautiful place to live, but escaping the city for a weekend brings with it a sense of freedom and relaxation. We recently took a trip “down the line”, our destination: Simon’s Town and specifically Boulders Beach. It’s a part of the world where time seems to stand still and the worries of the city are washed away by the warmer waters of False Bay.

Your guide to the perfect child friendly beach holiday

What better way to end off the year with some well-deserved family time. Just make sure that this Includes some me-time too.
Child magazine
With the stresses and strains of day-to-day activities, a much deserved holiday is important for parents and children alike. And while a quick weekend away here and there might just do the trick, a proper break from the hustle and bustle does wonders.

Pack like a professional

Packing light is an art, so here are six top tips to getting it right.
Tamlyn Vincent
Holiday time often includes trips to see family or just to get away. And this means packing. I usually take as much as possible (who knows what you’ll need?), but this results in an over-stuffed bag, even for overnight stays. I’m even worse when I pack for my son, throwing in two warm and two cool outfits, just in case. It’s only when we get home that I realise we haven’t used half the clothes we’ve hauled along.

Is a winter holiday in Europe too cold for South African children?

With a bit or research and preparation, we don’t think so
Child magazine
For South African kids, winter simply means it’s time to pack away swimming cozzies because ‘mom says the pool is too cold’.

unlock the magic of Disney World

Your family's fastpass to the most magical place on earth
Child magazine
It is fitting that Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom is sold as “the most magical place on earth”. Ask a child where in the world they would most like to visit and, chances are, their answer will be “Disney World”.

Challenge your kids to draw up a bucket list

Not only does travel expose children to local culture, history and nature, which impacts their future career success, it also fosters greater interest in what they’re being taught at school.
Angie Martin
This is your child’s future bucket list
What sounds more appealing? Watching Rango on the couch or tapping your inner cowboy at a 19th century Montana homestead? Learning about the Amish way in class, or joining an Amish family for homemade Pennsylvania Dutch cooking?
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