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age-appropriate birthday party themes

Planning your child’s bash? Here is a list of easy-to-organise, fabulously fun activities for children of all ages.
Elaine Eksteen
Age 2–3 years
Bike, trike and scooter rally
Ready Children will need to bring along their pushbikes, trikes or scooters, so remember to send out a request with the invitations.

Winter Party for Kids

Throw an indoor birthday bash your child will never forget!
Find party inspiration with our top 10 tips for a winter bash
Just remember to avoid any faux pas with these tips:
  • Never hand out invitations at school unless the whole class is invited.

Party planning do's and don'ts

Party planning is not for the faint-hearted
Anel Lewis
I quickly learnt the importance of putting “end” times on party invites when I found myself dragging die-hard guests from an inflatable pool at 11pm on the night of my daughter’s first birthday party. In hindsight, we probably should not have opted for a spit braai that started at 10am to celebrate the birthday of a toddler who would doze off twice before we had even cut the cake. But those were back in our eager days when we were party rookies.

Philanthropic parties

The abundance of a birthday party means there is more than enough to give to others who need it
Lucille Kemp
I  remember after every birthday party, back in my junior primary school days, my mom and dad would take my brother and me to the local children’s home to share our birthday cake and sweets. The folks had us walk into the centre ahead of them with the party treats in-hand to give directly to the house mother. Our parents didn’t make a big deal of the gesture; it was just something that we did.

Healthy parties

Avoiding unhealthy party food is good for children and your nerves
Tamlyn Vincent
When it comes to children’s parties, most parents will have to deal with the likelihood of a sugar overload, from the chips and sweets children stuff into their mouths when they arrive, to the icing licked off countless cupcakes. You may even hear audible sighs as parents grudgingly accept stuffed party packs to take home. Party food isn’t known for being healthy.

Parties with a difference

Planning a party for children with special needs can be tricky
Deirdré Gower
Planning a party is both exciting and daunting. Whether your own child has a special need, or if you are inviting a differently-abled child, there are extra considerations to make the celebration memorable and as stress-free as possible.

Surviving the party circuit

Let us guide you through the busy party circuit
Samantha Page
My son could barely sit by himself when his first birthday party invitation arrived. I had been attending a moms-and-babes playgroup for just two weeks when an enthusiastic mother handed out bright blue envelopes with a Thomas the Tank Engine seal to everyone at the end of class.

Party central

Hosting a party at home can be more convenient than somewhere else, but planning is key
Tamlyn Vincent
An invitation… for the same day we had planned for my son’s party. We rescheduled. Another invitation, another reschedule. We settled for a Sunday – good thing the party was at home. Final RSVPs came in the day before. It rained on the day and I spent the first hour boiling the kettle. After the logistical nightmare that was my son’s fifth birthday party, we said never again. But with his sixth birthday around the corner, we’re back to planning.

Creative cakes

Put your best cake forward this year with the help of Party Magic 5
Arina du Plessis
Building blocks block cake
what you’ll need

Party politics

There’s a lot to think about when planning a birthday celebration at school
Cassandra Shaw
A child’s birthday is an event that’s jam-packed with anticipation, fun, friends, laughter and joy, but most importantly, it’s a time to celebrate. Last year I was surprised when a mother from my son’s class brought in treats and party favours to celebrate her child’s birthday at school; especially since I knew they were throwing a party the following weekend. But as the year went on, I noticed that this was commonplace.
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