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Words don't come easy

For dyslexic children, reading and sounding words is a huge challenge, but with perseverance and help, they can overcome this difficulty.
Juliet Newberry

Can you imagine picking up a book and encountering text that is so difficult to read that not many words make sense? You look around and notice all the other children are giggling as they read, answering the teacher’s questions and seemingly enjoying the story that just makes no sense to you?

This is the plight of 5–10% of children in school today. Some sources say that 17% of the world’s population have or may be identified with dyslexia.

why is my child so disorganised and distractable?

Executive functioning deficits can make it difficult for children to organise and self-regulate
Samantha Page
Noah worked on his oral all weekend, but forgot to pack it in his school bag, so he got detention for lack of preparation. Mandisi mostly makes it out of bed on time, yet he’s late every morning because it takes him forever to brush his teeth, eat breakfast and pack his bag, and he’s easily distracted by a toy on the floor, so it’s a battle of wills with his parents to make sure all the necessary tasks are accomplished before they leave home.

tech toys - combining fun with function

Correct and supervised use of tablets can both educate and empower children
Jacqui Tooke
My five-year-old son’s face is alight with that wonderful mix of concentration and the joy of achieving. Matt is doing a puzzle on his tablet. Using one finger, he slides the puzzle pieces into place with great ease, showing that his mind can see exactly where the pieces should go. Matt has a rare genetic syndrome that results in global developmental delay with fine motor and speech difficulties. He enjoys doing real puzzles, but his hands often let him down.

Top reasons to consider the Montessori approach to learning

Deciding on the right school for your child is probably one of the biggest decisions you as a parent will make
Child magazine
Deciding on the right school for your child is probably one of the biggest decisions you as a parent will make. Laying the right educational foundation in their formative years is particularly important, as it can be a key determiner when it comes to them reaching their full learning potential.

5 effective strategies in dealing with Highly Sensitive Children (HSC)

Highly Sensitive Children (HSC) can be different from their peers and quite confusing to their parents. Family therapist and social worker, Talya Ressel provide five helpful strategies in dealing with HSC.
Talya Ressel
Don’t be a cry baby. Why is always such an issue with you? It’s not the end of the world. You need to get a thicker skin.” Whether we have heard or said these words, sensitivity is such a misunderstood trait in a child, and is often viewed as a weakness.

Intervention is key to successful schooling

Some children find it difficult to read or write. Others find it difficult to understand what they read. Some children struggle to make friends. But the earlier the problem is diagnosed and treated, the better. The key is intervention.
Dr. Anita Worrall
For most children and their parents, starting school is a joyful experience. Your child is ready to embrace learning how to read, write and do math. In this world where knowledge and information are key drivers of growth and productivity, success at school is a very important first step.

It takes a village

Parents and schools are a critical safety net for children who might be suffering from depression
Bridget Pringle
When our children are little we cure their ‘owees’ with a quick kiss, and cuddle their nightmares away. But as they move towards the teen years and beyond, the pain they suffer isn’t always so obvious, and the fixing of it even less so – particularly when it comes to mental illness.

Embracing Difference

Recent updated education guidelines in South Africa continue to promote and encourage inclusive education, but are schools and educators equipped to support learners with special needs?
Samantha Page
between the cracks
The first day of school is a milestone to which most parents look forward with great anticipation.

When it's really ADHD

What should you expect if you are to effectively detect and manage the complex condition, ADHD?
Lucille Kemp
Lara* struggled with a fussy baby, who became an impossible toddler and then frustrated preschooler that would throw outrageous tantrums.

Test focus

Tips for helping children with ADD and ADHD study for tests.
Tamlyn Vincent
Preparing for tests can be hard for anyone. Studying when you have ADHD can be even harder. But there are ways in which parents can help their children overcome these difficulties when it comes to test and exam time. Children with attention deficits may struggle to sit still, they could be distracted by slight noises in an otherwise quiet room, or they may have difficulty focusing on learning for the test, or on the test itself.
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