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5 Top Trends in Education for the Next 3-5 Years

How the approach to education will shift in response to the challenges faced by today's students.
Lisa Illingworth
5 Top Trends in Education for the Next 3-5 Years
Trend One: Seeing Education as a Business

Help your child understand how their schoolwork fits into their ‘own life journey’

Some advice on how to help children see their school and the work they put in, for what it is; part of a bigger picture and not THE picture.
Dr Lieb Liebenberg
Recently, a parent complained to me about the fact that the school her kid is attending was taking itself way too seriously and putting enormous pressure on students. As a parent, it appeared to her that there was absolutely no coordination among same grade teachers in terms of assessment and assignment schedules, which resulted in extreme stress for students.

Three easy ways to start a conversation with your child

How do you create opportunities for children to lead conversations that we have with them?
Table View Preschool and Creche

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