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Lunchbox tips

To help with the challenge of packing a healthy lunchbox, and ensuring your child eats everything in it, we put together a list of helpful lunchbox tips.
Mention lunchboxes around parents and you’re likely to hear a few sighs, some despairing groans and maybe some unexpected exclamations. You’re also likely to spark a lively session of tip swapping as moms and dads share what works for their children and what doesn’t.

Creative cooking

Head into the kitchen to make something with your child to keep your child occupied in winter
Keeping my son occupied in winter often requires some creative thinking. Painting, making puzzles and reading only goes so far. So, before cabin fever sets in, we usually head into the kitchen to make something. Choc chip cookies or muffins are a favourite, mostly because Hayden likes to see how many chocolate chips he can eat before I get the tray in the oven. But there are some other ideas worth trying.

Fresh food markets

One of my favourite things is heading to our local farmers’ market for breakfast on a Saturday morning.

One of my favourite things is heading to our local farmers’ market for breakfast on a Saturday morning. It’s best to go early, before the crowds get there, but this is easier said than done, especially in winter. Though it’s worth getting up early, dressing warmly and heading out.

Back to roots

Delicious things to do with beetroot
While beetroot has a tendency to turn everything bright red, I do think they’re delicious. It turns out they’re also really good for us. So I went in search of some ideas for things to do with beetroot.
Pickled beetroot
Boil your beetroot until tender, then remove their skin.

Veggie Creations

I am always on the lookout for creative ways to serve up fruit and veggies.
I once made a delicious onion and tomato relish to serve with dinner. My son took one look at his plate and said, “Mom, tell me you didn’t put onion on my plate”. And onion isn’t the only food on his list of ‘Things I refuse to eat at home’. He will regularly pick out tomatoes, butternut, cauliflower, beans and other vegetables or fruit he isn’t familiar with.
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