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Why children’s classics are still important today

Claire Montague-Fryer, a children’s book specialist and buyer, sings the praises of literary favourites and picks her Top 5 of all time.
In this age of screens and instant gratification, it is challenging enough to convince a child to sit down with a book. Try a book about a hedgehog laundress in a striped petticoat or a poor but kind and imaginative Victorian child in a bleak garret, and you’ll have said child switching on the tablet faster than you can say “Wuthering Heights”.

Help create a nation of readers

Reading and literacy are at the heart of personal growth and community development and National Book Week helps spread the joy of reading to as many households as possible
Spurred on by a 2006 study that showed a high number of South African households don’t own a single leisure book, the South African Development Council (SADC) launched National Book Week in order to promote the love of reading.

New releases

Penguin Random House has unveiled its July – December 2017 selection of children’s books, and they've got something for everyone
Penguin Random House has unveiled its July – December 2017 selection of children’s books and whether your little one is learning her colours, in love with Frozen, engrossed in Minecraft or eagerly awaiting the latest in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid franchise, they’ve got you covered. Some of the new releases even integrate with technology, to really bring the books to life!

Family reads

A selection of good books for the whole family.
We've put together a selection of great reads for the whole family, from toddlers and preschoolers to teens and parents.
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