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A good read

Recommended reads about dealing with difference, emotions and social issues.
Perfectly Different
By Sarah Tavola (Struik, R90)
The Child Mag team is a huge fan of this book!

Educational reads for the foundation phase

Recommended educational reads for children of all ages.
Mum’s New Hat and Other Stories
By Roderick Hunt & Alex Brychta (Oxford, R2 879 set of 6 books)
In this Read with Oxford Stage 1: Biff, Chip and Kipper collection,

creating mindfulness

Newly-released reads about creating mindfulness, understanding emotion and building self-esteem
Mindfulness for Children
This inspirational and timely guide is about how mindfulness helps children, why it’s becoming more popular and how to do it.

a good read for a relaxing holiday

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For the young
Baby Dinosaur

Oscar! Cape Town's Swimmiest Seal of Table Bay

Meet Oscar, the funnest, leapiest, swimmiest seal, always up to his usual trick in Cape Town's busy V&A Waterfront harbour.

In the waters around the legendary Table Bay Hotel, and with a host of friends and endless magical adventures, Oscar will be sure to splish and splash his way into your heart. Written and published by Marc Hoberman and illustrated by Patrick Latimer, Oscar! was produced exclusively for Sun International and the Table Bay Hotel.

Books to live by

Whether you’re looking for good fast food or way to start living a more healthy life, here are some books to help you get 2018 off to a great start.
Whether you’re looking for good fast food or way to start living a more healthy life, here are some books to help you get 2018 off to a great start.

The Moonling

We review a story that is fun all on its own but also provides opportunity to discuss and teach the important impact we have on the earth.
The Moonling, by Tjaart Lehmacher and Paula Oelofsen is the perfect coming-of-age storybook to help children connect with nature. Meet a Moonling longing for the earth, and a ten-year-old Earthling, named Karl, who wants nothing more than to explore the moon and the stars. By happy chance these two kindred beings find each other, as well as a sense of awe for life around them. But the more the moon man sees of this green and blue planet the more homesick he gets.

Why children’s classics are still important today

Claire Montague-Fryer, a children’s book specialist and buyer, sings the praises of literary favourites and picks her Top 5 of all time.
In this age of screens and instant gratification, it is challenging enough to convince a child to sit down with a book. Try a book about a hedgehog laundress in a striped petticoat or a poor but kind and imaginative Victorian child in a bleak garret, and you’ll have said child switching on the tablet faster than you can say “Wuthering Heights”.

Help create a nation of readers

Reading and literacy are at the heart of personal growth and community development and National Book Week helps spread the joy of reading to as many households as possible
Spurred on by a 2006 study that showed a high number of South African households don’t own a single leisure book, the South African Development Council (SADC) launched National Book Week in order to promote the love of reading.

Little boat with a brave heart

The Little Optimist’s story of courage and optimism echo the fighting spirit of its South African author.
Cape Town big wave surfer Greg Bertish knows all about courage and optimism, and it is these qualities that are woven into his self-published children’s book The Little Optimist.
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