Oscar! Cape Town's Swimmiest Seal of Table Bay

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In the waters around the legendary Table Bay Hotel, and with a host of friends and endless magical adventures, Oscar will be sure to splish and splash his way into your heart. Written and published by Marc Hoberman and illustrated by Patrick Latimer, Oscar! was produced exclusively for Sun International and the Table Bay Hotel.

The book is based on the legend of an actual Cape Fur Seal that frequented Table Bay harbour, and became somewhat of a local legend. An impressive sun-gold statue of Oscar the Seal stands proudly right outside the entrance of the Table Bay Hotel with an inscription that reads: "Oscar" The Cape Fur Seal. The original protector and guardian of the Table Bay.

According to the legend, many years ago, an old man named Oscar would fish the Atlantic waters from a rickety wooden pier every day. Each morning, an inquisitive Cape Fur Seal would swim near the shoreline and visit the old man. The fisherman began throwing his bait to the seal, and later, even his catch for the day. Oscar often went home empty-handed, but smiling. Their unlikely friendship extended to the builders of the Table Bay Hotel who would join the fisherman in his morning ritual. They came to know Oscar as kind-hearted and generous. Sadly, Oscar passed away, but his seal companion continued to visit the pier every morning in search of his old friend. The hotel staff began calling the seal 'Oscar' in memory of the fisherman, whose kind spirit is said to have transferred to the seal. Tragically, Oscar the Seal was killed in a boating accident, but his pups continue to visit the jetty at Table Bay to bask in the sun.

Oscar! currently retails at R125 and available at all leading bookstores.

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