Magic Workshop

Since the ancient Egyptian magician, Dedi, performed the very first recorded illusion, the art of magic has been shrouded in mystery. Most magicians keep all their secrets closely guarded, only letting a few in to learn the craft on how to become an amazing illusionist.

This March you have a rare opportunity to get a glimpse into this realm of magic and mystery, and you too can start your journey on becoming the next great illusionist. This being said it’s not everybody’s dream is to become a world famous magician, some people just wish to learn a couple of basic tricks to impress their friends or family. No matter which category you find yourself, if you are wanting to learn a bit more about the performing world of magic then this workshop is for you!

Learn some basic and easy to do magic tricks, as well as gain the knowledge of how to perform some of the more intricate magic tricks that have fooled millions around the world. Join the highly experienced mentalist and magician, Brendon Peel, on this workshop that will give you all the skills you need to go home and start blowing minds immediately. Brendon has put on magic workshops all around the country, and in March he will be bringing this interesting art to Durban. Learn card tricks, sleight of hand, mentalism tricks, and a number of illusions that you can make at home. Brendon’s guidance and expertise will assist you on the first steps to performing magic for different people, with excellent results.

Whether you are an amateur looking to improve, an expert looking for new and interesting ideas, or someone who has never tried a magic trick before, this workshop will work around your skill set. If you want to start learning magic, then don’t delay and make sure you book yourself a spot today!

All ages
Rhumbelow Theatre, Umbilo, Durban
R150, or R200 for workshop + Alakazam! magic show

Event date(s)

18 March 2019 - 2:00pm - 23 March 2019 - 2:00pm

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